Why Learn Piano

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Why Learn Piano?

When a finger touches a piano key, there are connections from touch, auditory feedback and muscular control. In speech, muscles produce words, and feed back analysis of the speech occurs by listening.
With music inherently multi modal, music is the ideal brain training for children.
Dr. John Lieff - Searching For The Mind.


Besides the sheer joy and deep satisfaction, of playing a piano, you or your children can enjoy significant, scientifically proven neurological benefits. Examples of these dramatic benefits include:

  • Actual physical and mental increases your brain’s memory capacity
  • Dramatic (as much as 30-40%) improvements in math, reading and comprehension skills
  • Coordinated multitasking of playing piano refines your time management and organizational skills on a primary level
  • Affects both sides of the brain, especially coordination of left and right hemispheres because of the high density of nerves in the hands
  • Sharpens concentration, attention to detail and discipline to stick with a task or song
  • Better SAT scores, higher admissions to Med school, better social skills, self esteem and more.

Years ago there was a controversial report entitled "The Mozart Effect" that pointed to the significant benefits of music. Some experts doubted the validity of the findings. However, in the past decade, advanced research and studies about "neuroplasticity" prove that the brain can continue to form new connections, new neurons, even grow new brain cells at any stage of life or development, with the proper stimulus. This research indicates that learning to play piano may be key to children's fullest mental, emotional and scholastic development. For is a summary of the latest music/brain articles, please review the Benefits Of Music Learning.

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