Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials Requirements

Some of the the Video Tutorials are quite large. It is recommended that you have a high speed connection to view them. Macromedia Flash Player is required to view the Video Tutorials. If you do not have it already, you may download it here.

Click to view video. Click the "x" on the top right of video to close. If the "x" does'nt appear in your browser, hitting your esc key will close video.

Note: The screenshots in the videos may look different than your screen as they were created with Piano Wizard Premier. Our newest software is Next Gen, which looks a bit different, but the features and processes are essentially the same.

Piano Wizard Setup, Help, Survey and Support Demo

Piano Wizard Easy Mode Demo

Piano Wizard Keyboard Setup Demo

Piano Wizard Song and Track Screens Demo

Piano Wizard Worlds Gameplay Screen Demo

Piano Wizard Options Screen Demo

Piano Wizard Audio Screen Demo

Piano Wizard Visual Screen Demo

Piano Wizard Challenge Screen Demo

Piano Wizard Freeze Screen Demo

Piano Wizard Downloading Songs to Your Computer (PC)

Piano Wizard Downloading Songs to Your Computer(MAC)

Piano Wizard Registration Demo

Piano Wizard No Sound Demo

Piano Wizard Fingering Demo

Creating A Shortcut To My Songs Folder Demo

Uninstall Procedure

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