Can you really learn 50 songs in 10 weeks? Take Our Piano Wizard Academy Summer Challenge.

Fill your summer with music

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Does that sound impossible? Is that too good to be true? We don't think so and we challenge you to try it and prove it.

We're on a mission to show the world how easy, fast, and fun it is to learn to play with Piano Wizard.

Take our 2nd annual Summer Challenge from July 1st - September 15th  We'll guide you through the 50 lessons on a special Facebook Group Page. At the end of the challenge, 3 winners will be selected as our 2017 summer wizards and win a prize.* All participants completing at least 20 lessons will also earn a prize.

* Actual prizes to be announced soon.

How to get started

1Fill in the form to the right and get your invitation to our Private Facebook Group.

2Get your Piano Wizard Academy and complete as many lessons as you can.

03Win Prizes.

boy-and-girl-playing-piano-togetherNo Child Left Behind

Don't worry if your child cannot complete all the lessons in time. Special Needs children will be considered in a separate category. The most important thing is to go with your child's pace, not rush them, and have fun!

Summer Challenge FAQs

Do I need Piano Wizard Academy to join the challenge?

Yes. You will need our entire system to play the game and complete the Academy lessons.  Don't have Piano Wizard?  Get It Here.

Are you saying the kids can average about a song a day, 5 days a week with your program?

If they focus about a half hour a day, yes they can do that with our program. What Piano Wizard Academy does is allow them to master the mechanics of the song very quickly, including the reading and fingering, and then it is about polishing the performance, but no more deciphering and struggle just to learn the piece. That happens automatically by playing the game and moving through the 5 steps. The videos coach you how to get them off the game and to help them bring the art of music to their performance in a joyful way, like icing on the cake.

We don't say this without reason. Hundreds of thousands of customers have experienced this themselves, with hundreds of amazing reviews, testimonials, videos and awards to peruse with a simple search. Here are some of our favorites.

We are not saying this will be easy, this is a challenge of focus, but the accomplishments will stack up every day, and almost anyone can learn at least 20 or 30 songs in that time frame, if not reach 50, so how bad would that be to make such a major leap in their musicality in a couple months? If you follow our guidelines, you literally cannot fail to learn. It is automatic, and fun!

Do we need to complete all 50 lessons?

No, do as many as you can, but try to complete at least 20 to earn a prize.  The important lesson here is learning to "focus".  Even 20 songs in 10 weeks is a great accomplishment.

How will you know how many lessons we've completed?

At the end of the challenge, you will fax us your child's Student Success Chart (downloadable in the FILES section on the Facebook Group page, and also in the bonus section of the Virtual Campus.

How do we win prizes?

You win by at a minimum completing 20 lessons.  To earn top tier prizes, you will need to be active on our Facebook Challenge Group.  Being active means commenting, sharing, posting videos and photos (if at all possible). We want to hear how you or your child are doing, ask questions, submit feedback and offer testimonials.

What prizes can we win?

Prizes will be announced in July.

I haven't ordered yet or received my package. Is there a deadline to join the challenge?

There is no deadline.  You can join the group now, and start any time between July 1st and September 15th.  Obviously the sooner you start the more time you'll have.  So if you are sitting on the fence about ordering you may want to get your order in asap.

Don't have Piano Wizard Academy?

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