Piano Wizard Academy Lesson 1

And so the magical music journey begins.

The transition to piano becomes simple with our FOUR-STEP METHOD



The Teachers

Don and Delayna Beattie's charm and 50 years (combined) of music experience resonate immediately and they only get better as you or your child progresses through the lessons.

The Parents

While most children will instantly connect with our teachers, the videos are really intended for parents, grandparents, guardians, or teachers who can play a key role in the learning process.

And the best part is that you DON'T need any musical experience to follow the Academy system and provide support and guidance to the student.


The Lessons

Each new song is a new lesson and as you progress, we introduce another music concept, such as phrasing, technique, posture, dynamics, reading music, and much more.

Your child will continue to be engaged, motivated, and supported by the Beatties and the ensuing fun!


The Students

And all the while, the student is playing wonderful music rather than getting caught up with boring studies and difficult music theory, which only results in eventual failure for 80% of those that try.
Does the program excite kids about music and keyboards, help them build essential musical skills, and reinforce that practicing can be fun?



While many computer programs teach music, Piano Wizard Premier turns anything from Bach to Billy Joel into a video game in which you'll be guiding a rocket ship with a color-coated keyboard, while picking out a tune and learning chord progressions.
Deborah Coleen Rose says: Music has many benefits, even if you're not a Mozart.
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The first day, my 16 year old daughter began using Piano Wizard, it took me over 45 minutes to get her to sit down at the computer and agree to even try it.

Our agreement was that she would go through the first steps of the program for 15 minutes and then give me some feedback and she could then be free for other activities of her own choosing.
An hour later, I heard her calling me to the computer room and she sounded excited! My daughter never gets excited.

I ran to see why she was calling me and she was still sitting at the computer desk.
"Listen, she said. I can play the piano."
She uses Piano Wizard for fun, to work out stress from school and just to relax and try her hand where there are no requirements except those she puts on herself. for her, it's fun. And who has enough fun in their lives!
Joy Grace Harmony Says: Big Kids (over the Age of 40) Love & Learn Piano, too!!!
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Many, Many Many thanks for creating such a simple to use program even us adults (over age 40) and without any kids can learn to play. We like the simplicity of the programs.

If us complicated adults can easily learn and love playing we think your genius kids (which they ALL actually ARE these days) will in Joy them, too!!!
We look forward to Years of Joy filled Piano lessons!!!
Bobby Lutz says: It is excellent. I had purchased it for my 6 year Old
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I have this product for a few years now. It is excellent. I had purchased it for my 6 year old daughter.

This is probably the #1 piano product to motivate kids to learn piano and learn tons of songs from basic to rock songs to classical.

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