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What They’re Saying

“The phenomenal Piano Wizard bridges the gap between music, notes, and colors…”

“First and foremost, I feel that learning to play piano needs to be an enjoyable experience otherwise there’s little motivation to continue. Piano Wizard has made it enjoyable for us.”
Bill B.

“Piano Wizard, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.”

“Piano Wizard takes away the drudgery of old-time piano lessons bringing them up-to-date in our every changing, exciting world of musical media.”

Top Ten Reviews
“WE love it.  I just wasn’t confident enough in my ability to teach it to the kids. But once we really watched the videos, read the info in the book, and became familiar with the software, I got really excited about it!  My husband loves it too and is doing very well. Apparently his parents skipped music lessons unfortunately.”
Dana Lou
“A great tool to keep kids busy learning and having fun at the same time”
Gamers Reports
Not only do I think Piano Wizard is pretty much the Cat’s Pajamas, other people have thanked me because I recommended it for them or their children or grandchildren and they’ve also gotten great results.
Dave Phillipsonon
My children have been playing Piano Wizard for 10 years now. I have built this into their homeschooling schedule. Megan, now 13 can play 6 instruments. I believe that the early start was crucial.
Peter Jennings - Meganize4life.comAuthorEmpower your child with an education for life
“I just want to personally thank the people who created this awesome way to teach kids to play the piano, I wish I knew about this when i was younger, I’m 18 now …. Piano Wizard will make a huge difference!”
John S.

Piano Wizard also ventures where no other music games do – with advancing modes of play taking you from a beginner, all the way to fluently reading the musical scores that previously seemed like hieroglyphics.

“Learn the piano without falling asleep.”
Gamers Daily

“Piano Wizard – Best Gadgets & Gizmos on The Planet 2007”

Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

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