Piano Lessons For Beginners

So you're looking for piano lessons for beginners?  GREAT, you've come to the right place.  We can help you with your decision.

Taking piano lessons is a wonderful idea.  The piano is the "granddaddy" of all instruments. It is great for playing, composing, or just for a hobby.  And studies have proven that playing an instrument like piano can boost your brain, providing some incredible benefits.

But that's for another discussion. Let's talk about piano lessons for beginners first.

So where do I start?

Whether you are looking to learn yourself, or want to start your children on piano lessons, you have choices.  A lot of choices. Let's take a look at them.


  1. Piano Teacher.  This is where people usually start. Finding a "good" teacher is crucial.  If you don't like the teacher, failure will follow.  The problem most people have with this choice is affordability.  Piano lessons can be expensive. Many families want all their kids to learn, so think about the cost associated with that.
  2. Online Lessons (e.g. YouTube).  There are a lot of piano lessons for beginners videos on Youtube.  Granted. you can get some good ideas from some of these videos and maybe learn a lick or too.  But let's face it, has anyone ever learned to play piano by watching Youtube videos?
  3. Piano Learning Software.  This is another great option, and it's affordable for almost everyone.  A lot of people have learned this way, though without the addition of a qualified piano teacher, they'll only get so far.  In addition, many don't follow through and give up somewhere along the line due to lack of support.


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So what's the problem with the above choices?

Traditional music is taught BACKWARDS.  What does that mean?

You see, music is a language.  Think about how you learned your native language. (most likely English if you're reading this). You learned the language by "assimilation" - by listening and absorbing everything around you.  From your parents.  And then you just started talking.

Later on, you went to school to learn how to read.

The problem is that traditional music methods force you to learn to read music FIRST, and introduce difficult music theory before you can actually learn how to play.  Can you see how unnatural this is to our learning process?  No wonder so many people feel at learning how to play piano.  It's not us, we are just "set up" for failure.  All that remains are those gifted students that are able to get around the limitations in the method and learn anyway.

But what about the rest of us?  Are we left with a life without music playing?



The solution to learn to play piano

piano lessons for beginnersThe answer is simple. Reverse the learning process so it's natural, and now ANYONE can play.

At Music Wizard. we believe that music is a birthright.  We ALL can learn to play, easily and proficiently, IF we can learn with a method that corresponds with how we naturally learn language.

And that is Piano Wizard Academy in a nutshell.



Stay tuned.


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Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

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