Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances

Today in business, it’s very tough and very ultra-competitive. So with brutal competition… a disloyal market, commoditized products and services, lots of options and alternatives that a person has to fill a given need - fear -apprehension - uncertainty on the part of buyers - few trusted advisors. A strategic alliance or a joint venture may be the perfect mechanism to get you instant access, instant credibility, accelerated buy-in, rich and bonded trust. The opportunities are literally limitless.

The number of alliances are growing at 40+% annually with major corporations. More than 35% of the revenue generated in the top 2,000 companies, supposedly, now comes from joint venture strategic alliances. In a survey that was done last year, 49% of the businesses report that they’re making more money today because of joint ventures (these are big businesses). 21% say they’re getting higher revenues because the cost of selling is less.

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