Teaching music to children with special needs can be difficult.

 But so can teaching math, science and history. Can music be a shining light?

Caring for special needs children (and adults too) can be a difficult, yet oftentimes rewarding task. We are always looking for ways “to get through to them”, to help them improve their grades, to help them succeed in society as best they can.

Music lessons for special needs children can provide breakthroughs through music therapy in ways that other approaches may fail.

One such story that has grabbed everyone’s attention is that of Jed’s experience with Piano Wizard.

I learned about the program about a year ago and decided that I wanted it for my special needs son now 11. he got it for his 11th birthday but little did I know that deep within my heart, I wanted it for me too, to fulfill a dream i have had since I was a little girl, that I always wanted to play piano. Having grown up in a little village where the only musical instrument was an old church organ that i could only touch twice...on my way into the church and on my way out....each Sunday I yearned for that moment just to touch it. As the hymns were being played, I would close my eyes and imagine that those were my fingers making such beautiful music...

I have made it my goal to learn it alongside my son. I have played by ear, I have played some chords but this is real step by step teaching that I know both of us can accomplish so much together even as we bond in a way that doctors thought was impossible. My son responds to music, and he responds to his mother;s voice.

More to come, i hope to share videos and more. But thanks, this has been a life changing experience even though just a few days old, needs to be celebrated...day after day.

Grace Ouko

music backgroundMusic therapy has been proven effective for children with varying disabilities such as Down Syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, and many more. By doing a little research online, you’ll many stories, articles, and even books written on the subject.

Although we currently have no statistically proven scientific data to make a claim regarding the use of Piano Wizard Academy specifically, we have received numerous anecdotal responses from caretakers of special needs individuals.


kids-play-piano-wizardWe have heard (and seen) that the game and method has been used successfully with individuals with Autism (ASD), Down’s syndrome, and individuals with mental and physical challenges. In fact, many stories reported back to us tell of not only being able to play the game and have fun but of an “opening” in the underlying process that the individual has leading to increased interpersonal relationship between the caretaker and the “special” music student.  And the benefits of music learning are well documented.



We don’t claim to be a replacement for a qualified music therapist. These health professionals use music and all of its facets—physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic, and spiritual—to help clients to improve or maintain their health. However, a parent or caretaker can certainly contribute their own form of music therapy by engaging the child in specific forms of music learning.

Using Piano Wizard Academy has been shown an effective tool in many instances. If you have a special story about an educational experience you were involved in using the Music Wizard Academy with a special needs individual, please share your story with us.

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