Minh’s Amazing Piano Wizard Story (So Far! . . . )

WARNING! This will probably bring a tear of JOY to your eyes, it did for us and the story is just beginning. We are so grateful to Martha and her family for sharing Minh’s progress with us.

Martha contacted us about a month ago, (only a month ago!) shortly after buying the Piano Wizard Academy for her 15 year old non-verbal autistic son Minh. Martha has bee researching autism music therapy and lessons.

She was very nervous about how to set up the game, and my wife Eliana (another Ludite!) convinced me I needed to break protocol and text and call her even though it was late (10:00 PM).

We set up a call then for next day and I was able to get her set up and confident for Minh’s first lesson. Meanwhile she and my wife began a friendly text communication, which became very moving and inspiring as Minh’s progress unfolded. I am sharing here.


Martha: (referring to the photo above)

"Hi Eliana and Chris.  This is me, Minh and Marthena my daughter. She plays the guitar and sing! She s looking forward to PW as well.  FYI : Minh played and completed level 4 on the first two songs. Both scored in high 90 s ?? Thank you again for your personal tutor session. We are very grateful."

Eliana (Our Office Manager): " ????? Our hope is that with repetition, new neuro-pathways will be created in his brain..."

Martha: "We will keep on playing in hoping for the same. But if Minh is playing music and is happy is already wonderful! This beats doing homework ? we r both loving this time together...."

Eliana: ?

Martha: "Hi.  I uploaded a video to YouTube..."

Music to our ears!! I had doubts about this step but Minh surprised me ?? Focus has always been extremely difficult for Minh but with PW he is working hard to focus!! Thank you?

Eliana: ???  YOU JUST MADE MY DAY!!! ????

A few weeks later . . .

Martha: Hello Eliana. Update for you. Minh is playing very well. He plays better than me!

Tomorrow Minh will participate in a band concert where he plays keyboard. His FIRST time ever!! Have a nice day. Martha.  Say hello to Chris ?"

Eliana: "Omg!!!! ???thank you!!! It brought tears to my eyes with happiness!!! You have no idea how much this means to us!! I'm not home right now, every Saturday I have coffee with my mother-in-law, when I get home I'll show it to Chris."

Martha: "?? means the world to us too!!! This is from a non verbal autistic boy, I never would have known if not for PW. Thank you! Minh is in a special- need music band with six other members like him. Tomorrow will be their first gig ! 😉  A wonderful non-profit organization call Friendship Circle. Minh is the latest band member to join but he learned the songs so fast!!! His music teacher, a music professor at UM, is amazed!! I told and showed him Minh s progress on PW. ?"

Eliana: "Wow!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Now, I can't wait to show it to Chris. ❤️"

Martha: "Please do. He's created something very special that gives us HOPE.  ❤️?  I'm sure many people would agree with me." Eliana: "? thank you, really, for saying that....Having to move forward without a real marketing budget, we really appreciate the word of mouth. Your words really warm our hearts."

Martha: "I have!! My mom friends in Canada are seriously looking into PW. How can I not?! ??"

Eliana: "I just showed it to Chris! ??? tears of gratitude again. He is also thanking you for sharing. And he told me that TODAY is Autism Awareness Day, within the Autism Awareness Month! Also he asked if we could share your words, Minh's story and videos. If you say no, we are ok with that, but if you say yes, that would be great. No pressure. We are just crying here, imagining tomorrow's concert. Our hearts will be with Minh's and your family's hearts tomorrow. And with all the families of special needs children. Thank you again."

Martha: "❤️?  I absolutely don't mind at all ! Only wish I can do more. Thank you for your support. God bless."

Eliana: "?❤️ Thank you!!!"

Martha: "We are walking to raise awareness for autism tomorrow. Minh and his music buddies are playing music for the walkers! ?? Not I in my wildest dreams i think Minh could play the piano let a lone being in a band with his special friends. Thanks to PW.  ?" Eliana:  "???"

Martha: "Made me teary too. Happy tears. Nice post. I’m more than happy to share our PW experience with people in hoping they too will find hope and connect with their special kids. Btw Minh is able to play all songs so far in level four. But he prefers level three because he likes colors! Notice in the video he has his color blocks in front of him while he plays 🙂 they some how help him! We are also so grateful to have known you and Chris through this profound experience. 

Thank you for your dedication in bringing music to the world in a unique and touching way. You have given us a tool to connect with our son, which in turns connects him with others beautifully through music. And for this we forever thank you.  I wish you continue success in your endeavors to reach many more people with Piano Wizard."

These kinds of miracles are like inspirational lighthouses for us, keeping us on the path of bringing music to the world in a fun safe and amazingly simple way. If this moved you, and you know someone else who’s family might benefit from this, please share this with them.


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