Paypal credit offers 6 months of no payments or interest. While this provides great value and leverage, some won't be qualified for the credit.

Our solution is to offer a Layaway Plan. You choose the payment terms - weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
With Paypal credit, we ship out Piano Wizard Academy to you.

The downside is that under our layaway plan, shipping is held until all payments are made. This still offers a easy to pay plan and makes Academy more affordable to many families that could not otherwise purchase it.

You are also protected for price changes that may occur along the way (sales). We guarantee the lowest price available during your payment plan.

To get started,

1. Go to our BUY PAGE and place your order.

2. Select PAYPAL as payment option but DO NOT PAY. Leave Paypal.

3. Write to us and tell us you placed your order and wish to utilize our layaway and tell us how often you would like to pay.

4. We will invoice you via Paypal and your card will be charged according to the terms of your plan.  If there is a lower sales price along the way, the adjustment will be applied towards the final payment.


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