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No sound from keyboard


Hello %%HESK_NAME%%

First of all, the keyboard has no speakers, all sounds are created by the computer. The size set up process does not have sounds either.

When properly set up, you will only hear the sound from the keyboard when you hit the note at the right time.  Note that you can also play the keyboard free style under easy mode/Free play (or Jam Mode depending on software version)

Please make sure you have properly set up Piano Wizard.

Review the video tutorials in the game - or online at

There are 3 levels of sound that need to be checked, one is at the game level, the second is the system level of the operating system, and third is the hardware level.

First, when you are in EASY MODE, please check on the bottom of the main screen. There will be two volume sliders. One for Lead, and one for Accompaniment music. If you are in PREMIER mode these controls are under the AUDIO tab. Please ensure that the lead is all the way to the right, for maximum volume.

Second will depend which operating system you have. If you have a Mac, go to System Settings, Sound, and look at the lower portion of the box where it says Output Volume. Make sure it is not muted (uncheck box) then check the box that says "Show volume in menu bar" which will create a small speaker icon at the top right hand portion of your Mac screen, (up is more, down is less on that icon). Still within the System Settings/Sound control box, make sure the volume slider is all the way to your right. This can also be viewed under the Ouput tab at the top of the box, which has a dedicated control box for the Output.

If you have Windows, double-left click on the speaker icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. This will open your sound control panel. Please ensure that the "Sw Synth" volume is all the way up.

If your speakers or computer hardware have volume or mute controls please double check those as well.

Finally, go into EASY MODE and then select FREE PLAY (or JAM MODE on some versions), select a sound and then start playing the keyboard to see if you can hear it.

If all else fails, please try our other troubleshooting ideas in related FAQs, or submit a support ticket.

Thank you,
Music Wizard Support

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