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I have the MAC OSX and when I try and run the game I get a 'data.pwf missing' error


METHOD1: If you know the password of the owner account of the machine. Please follow only these instructions. The changes outlined below will modify only the Piano Wizard files.

Terminal: (These instructions are for a standard install with the game installed to Applications) refers to the user account that owns the machine – you will have to know the name of this admin user (i.e. bob)

1. Launch Terminal (Applications->Utilities->Terminal)
2. "cd /Applications"
3. "su "
4. enter the password and hit enter
5. "chmod -R 755 Piano"

We are now done - close Terminal by hit COMMAND-Q (Apple-Q) That's it - launch Piano Wizard

METHOD2: If you do not know the password for the owner account of the machine and the user you are using is an administrator for the machine. NOTE: CONTROL-Click means to hold down the CONTROL key on the keyboard and click the mouse at the same time.

1. Open the Applications folder in Finder
2. CONTROL-Click on Piano and select Show Package Contents
3. Open Contents folder
4. Open Resources folder
5. CONTROL-Click on data.pwf and select Get Info
6. Locate Ownership & Permissions in the info box for data.pwf – Click the arrow next to “Details” to open it
7. Click the lock icon to the right of the Owner dialog box to unlock it
8. Change the Owner to your current user
9. Make sure Access for Owner is set to Read & Write
10. Group should be admin
11. Access for Group should be Read & Write
12. Other should be Read & Write
13. Close the info box
14. Launch Piano Wizard

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