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While sending the kids for piano lessons is a great idea, they can be expensive.  Even if you can find a bargain, there are other factors to consider, such as additional costs, experience, trust, and your own valuable time.  But you don't need to take our word for it. Try our online piano lesson cost calculator below and judge for yourself.

Piano Wizard Academy vs. Traditional Piano Lessons

Traditional Piano Lessons

Piano Wizard Academy


$20 per lesson per week (x 50 weeks in a year.) $16 per week if using the payment plan and you paid it over a 6 month NO INTEREST term, but the kids can play ALL DAY, EVERY DAY $4.00 per week
$1000 per year (Already saved $600 with Piano Wizard) Investment of about $400 which includes Keyboard $600 in first year
$2000 over 2 years Still one time investment of about $400 – NO FURTHER PAYMENTS required after first 6 months, EVER $1600 in 2nd year
$4000 over 2 years for 2 children Still that one time investment and avg cost per lesson down to $3 per week $3600 Second child free
$6000 - 2 years - 3 children And once again, the same $400 one time investment, costs reduced to just $1.50 per week $5600 Third child free too
$10000 - 2 years - 5 children Still the same 400 one time investment - less than $1 per child - PENNIES PER DAY and all kids can practice 7 days per week if desired $9600 The whole family
Keyboard or Piano NOT included Keyboard included $100 and up
Sheet Music NOT included Sheet Music included for 50 lessons $100 and up
Driving and scheduling costs disruptive to family No need to leave home - Piano Wizard is available 24/7 365 days per year $200 and up
Children (and Parents) need discipline Children and Parents enjoy practicing and playing No "Music trauma" therapy needed!
Trouble keeping the kids motivated on a weekly basis. Piano Wizard is a simple and fun video
, keeping the student motivated
is a breeze!
Saves endless nagging, instead brings
joy and family bonding.
Takes months before child can play one song. Child will play first song within minutes
of installing the game.
Avoids massive frustration and boredom normally associated with lessons
No money back guarantee 60 day money back guarantee if not
completely satisfied
Peace of mind
Learning stops when lessons stop Unlimited download capacity means a music learning system for life Infinite and Priceless

We're not out to knock on Piano Teachers(we love them 🙂

In fact, our mission is to send more kids to teachers than ever.  But only when they are fully prepared and ready willing and able does that kind of investment make any sense. The language of music is difficult,built with layers and layers of complexity. That's one of the reasons most of us fail at it. Of course there are naturals... musical Einstiens if you will. Unfortunately, that's a blessed minority. Piano Wizard is learning for the rest of us.

Perhaps you want to learn to play piano yourself. Maybe you've got a piano laying around in the family room unused. Well, wipe off the dust and prepare to stun your family and friends! No matter who it's for, Piano Wizard Academy delivers pure joy for everyone…but the first step is up to you.

Choosing the wrong wrong teacher can turn your kids completely off to learning an instrument - maybe even for their whole life. Are you willing to take that risk to save a few dollars now? Why not invest in a proven method with a natural learning approach that's a whole lot of fun? Give me the opportunity (risk-free of course) to put your children in a position to excel!

Piano Wizard Academy Family Pack 50

When you compare the real and verifiable costs above to the Piano Wizard Academy Piano Learning System, at less than $2 per lesson, we think you'll agree that this is a complete bargain and a great value. Plus the system can be used by the entire family.


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