Campus Pins

While you are enrolled at Piano Wizard Academy, you have the opportunity to collect pins of various instruments. You'll earn a PIN each time you perform a specific activity. When you perform that activity 30 times, you will obtain a gold pin.  If you created an account and logged in you already earned your KAZOO GOLD PIN and a TRUMPET PIN!  (You can see your points and pins in the right sidebar. Hover over the images for Pin information.)

So get cracking and collect your instruments and maybe you'll graduate with a Masters in Music!


Kazoo Gold Pin For Registering = 5 Campus Points

Trumpet Pin For Logging In = 3 Campus Points

Trumpet Gold Pin For Many Logins

Piano Pin For Adding a new Activity Post = 10 Campus Points

Piano Gold Pin For Adding many Activity Posts

Harp Pin For Liking an Activity Post = 1 Campus Point

Harp Gold Pin for liking many activity posts

Guitar Pin for Making 3 Friends

Guitar Gold Pin for making 15 friends

Drum Pin for posting on another member's activity = 10 Campus Points

Drum Gold Pin for posting a many member's activity

Saxophone Pin for commenting on an activity post = 5 Campus Points

Saxophone Pin for many comments on an activity post

Violin Pin for adding a new Forum Post = 10 Campus Points

Violin Gold Pin for adding many new Forum posts

Clarinet Pin for replying to a Forum Post = 5 Campus Points

Clarinet Gold Pin for replying to many Forum posts

Xyolphone Pin for replying to a Forum Post

Xyolphone Gold Pin for replying to many Forum posts

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