Update: December 2016

Jed as come a long way. As many of our fans recall, Jed was born with severe mental challenges. He couldn't walk until he was 4. He didn't say his first words until he was 6. And at 7, he couldn't even do a 4 piece puzzle.

Then his mom May came across Piano Wizard Academy and everything changed.

If you missed it, watch Jed's Story.

Here is Jed now in December 2016 playing the full sheet music from Academy #98 - The Bridal March.

At Music Wizard, we believe music is a birthright. Jed's journey is proof that ANYONE can learn to play piano. It is also proof that playing piano is much more than simply playing an instrument. It can lead to life-changing results.

Discover Piano Wizard Academy and see what it can do for your children.

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