Piano Wizard Academy is a surprisingly simple music video game system that has won dozens of positive awards, testimonials and reviews, and just received another one from a segment of parents with notoriously high standards: home-schoolers.

Boulder, CO
August 2nd, 2014

Dozens of new brain studies have shown that there is an even stronger link between music and intelligence than previously thought. Music training, specifically piano instruction, has broad positive cognitive benefits that last a lifetime, including better math and spatial skills, better language acquisition, better grades, social skills and more. Yet music and/or band class sometimes is tough to work out for home-schoolers, and traditional piano lessons can be very expensive, inconvenient and time consuming, especially if there is more than one child learning at a time.

Founder Chris Salter says, “I think most parents know that music lessons should play a key part in their family’s overall studies.” Additionally, he explains that one of the bigger concerns that homeschooling parents have about teaching their children music is that the parents sometimes feel they have inadequate training or qualifications. Piano Wizard Academy, while not designed specifically for home-school parents, has been embraced and now awarded by that community precisely because it gives them all the tools they need to teach even very sophisticated piano pieces and musical concepts to their children. These parents soon realized they could quickly and easily invoke a homeschool music curriculum that is not only fun, but highly effective.

A significant portion of the homeschool community includes parents of special needs children, as many schools are incapable or ill-equipped to handle them, including more and more on the Autistic Disorder Spectrum.

One mom recently shared this: “We’ve been having a great time with the Piano Wizard Academy. Since children with Asperger’s (or for that matter most children under the autism umbrella) are typically visual learners, the kids often respond well to learning via a video gaming format. That makes it fun for me too! “


Homeschool-Curriculum.org commented: “We hand-picked programs that parents and students rave to us about. They are some of the best programs available to teach artistic techniques and concepts whether you are homeschooling or not. However, these programs will not only teach students good techniques and artistic skill, but they will also help to inspire the love of the arts in your children for years to come.”

Chris Salter added: “We are very proud to receive this, and believe it recognizes our hard work and devotion to making music a birthright for all. Our fun color coded musical game includes a two year children’s piano curriculum that ends with Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony arranged for 2 hands. The power of our award winning piano learning software, plus 50 coaching lessons for the parents to get their kids reading and playing the included sheet music with ease, combines to provide a lifetime of music fun and learning for the whole family.”


About Homeschool-Curriculum.org Whether someone is a seasoned home school parent or just starting a homeschooling journey, Homeschool-Curriculum.org promises to help clients sort through their many choices without being overwhelmed by all the options.

About Music Wizard Group Next Gen Music Wizard Group Next Gen is a software firm that publishes innovative software products to teach students to play music and read real music by playing a simple music video game. More info here.

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