One of the great features of Piano Wizard is the ability to select which tracks you would like to play.

In it's simplest form in Easy Mode, you will play either left hand, right hand, or both. However, in Premier Mode, there are more options available and you can play any track that is in that particular song. For example, you can play the guitar part, the flute part, even the drum part if you so desire.

Here's what we did in the video above.

1. Select Your Song
2. Check the keyboard. We used a 4 octave keyboard here. Make sure the keyboard display shows 4 Octave - 49 keys. Run the Keyboard test if necessary.
3. Open the Tracks Menu. Select the track(s) you would like to play, mute, or accompany.
4. You can change the sound of the instrument you are playing.
5. In the video, note how we are changing to the Piccolo part to play. On the keyboard display on the button shows all the notes that can appear on your screen in yellow. If notes fall out of that range, they won't be displayed in the game and you cannot score accurately. After selecting the track, notice how we move the keyboard slider to the right so those notes will now show in the game.

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