Piano practice software, with today's booming gaming technology, should be fun! Exciting PC video game software which is also truly educational is not easy to find—especially in the realm of music education.

Computer software games are a huge and burgeoning industry because kids are totally captured by them. Wouldn't the ideal music-learning process integrate piano practice software with a fun, interactive gaming environment?

Software which provides consumers with a non-violent alternative to traditional video games which are at the same time fun, compelling, and challenging could also teach musical literacy very effectively. Such a combination would have the unique ability to transform the traditionally tedious and repetitive piano practice into an exciting, deeply rewarding video game experience -- taking the "yuck!" out of each piano practice—forever.

Music Wizard Next Gen, a visionary company and maker of the Piano Wizard musical practice game, seems to have found that magical combination. They are enthusiastically dedicated to bring FUN piano practice software to the market—thanks to a great solid product concept and design environment.

Chris Salter, the CEO of Music Wizard says. "Piano Wizard represents a significant shift in the way we introduce music to kids as well as adults, with many people thinking that it simply can't be done, or conversely, that they have seen this before. Because of these perceptions, we knew we [had to] let people see for themselves that the gateways to music are now wide open for everyone."

Visit our online demo of Piano Wizard and begin to learn to play piano today!

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