Giving instruction on playing the piano is so much easier if the student already can read music!

Usually, piano teachers are frustrated in trying to instill a love for playing the piano in their students who can't seem to remember which key is which. This is a lot like asking a writer to help a child experience the joys of writing... when the child doesn't know the alphabet!

Piano instruction doesn't have to frustrate the piano teacher or student.

Piano Wizard to the Rescue!

Using Piano Wizard, your child or student will learn the piano notes and practice them for hours a day - and love it! Even adults often get "addicted" to playing Piano Wizard. Get a taste of the magic yourself and "learn to play piano" using our online demo.

The Magic Behind the Wizard

Our program makes learning the notes and practicing the piano fun for kids by harnessing the power of the computer game. As you probably have seen for yourself, children will sit and play computer games for hours at a time. Piano Wizard has harnessed that "magic" in order to help children learn the basics of piano playing. And, when a child has used Piano Wizard, their piano instruction is made so much more valuable and meaningful to them; they will see piano playing as something they enjoy.

And There's More!

Once the student has learned the notes using Piano Wizard, the program can be used to make practicing the piano just as fun as learning the notes was. It's simply a matter of downloading a Midi file of the piece they are to practice and away they go! And, with the multitude of Midi files available for free online, a family could have years of fun and enjoyment learning new music and filling their homes with the majesty and beauty of the works of the history's most renown pianists.

And pretty soon you'll be playing the blues rather than singing them!

Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

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