Attaching our color-coded Piano Wizard keyboard stickers to your digital keyboard is easy, and allows you to interact with our Piano Wizard software.

Most of our users use 49-61 key digital MIDI controller keyboards, and when affixed look like in the photo above.

But what if you have a really beautiful keyboard, such as a Yamaha Clavinova? You may not like having the stickers on there all the time, and taking them on and off is not practical, and will degrade the stickers anyway.

Of course, you may still set up the stickers the same way, and we do recommend it. They won't damage the keyboard. Most don't mind the stickers at all.

But take a look at this alternate way to attach your keyboard stickers. Looks like it takes a little more work, but we think it looks pretty good!

Need extra sets of our keyboard stickers? You can order them from here.

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