We have all read many articles on dealing with a child prodigy.  There are plenty videos on YouTube of 5 year old kids playing rapid-fire classical piano pieces.  But what if the situation was reversed?  What if the parent was the prodigy, or at least fairly talented?

A parent trying to teach music to their child may tend to get a bit overbearing, not understanding why things come so easily to them and not to their child and losing patience.  The parent my end up just saying, “my kid just doesn’t have it”.  The child may get intimidated and frustrated when they don’t pick things up quickly or keep up with their parent’s expectations.

We all learn at different speeds.  As a musical parent, we need to show patience with our children and let them learn at their own pace.  Learning music should never be a “chore” and should be fun.  And in the end, if the child decides that music is not for them, well, that should be their decision.  But we’ll increase the odds of their success by injecting a well orchestrated and fun learning process.

I believe that musical ability is inherited, so if you have the talent, the same talent gene may well be inside your child.  You just have to find the right way to “get it out” without “turning them off”.

Are you a musical parent?  We’d like to hear from you and how you have successfully helped your children reach the next level musically.

Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

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