I think it is fair to say that most parents want what is best for their children, and in turn, want them to become the best they can be, so that they can grow up to be smart and successful individuals. Well, recent scientific research suggests that learning to play a musical instrument offers many benefits that carry over into many important aspects of life. Taking music lessons, teaches self-discipline, encourages creativity, and builds confidence, all of which can vastly impact the development of personality traits, especially in younger children. Unfortunately, many schools are experiencing budget cuts or are underfunded in the performing arts curriculum, including music lessons, which is why it is important to seek musical training outside of school.

What are some of the proven benefits of enrolling my child in music lessons?

A child's mind is like a sponge, ready to absorb useful information and learn at an extremely accelerated rate. Upon reaching adulthood, the rate this learning process begins to dramatically slow down. Therefore, it is important to take advantage of this time when it is easiest to learn, because this window of opportunity will only stay open for so long.

"Clinical studies by education experts have clearly demonstrated that children that take music lessons earlier in life, are able to learn and master the instrument more quickly and effectively than undertaking the learning process later on."It has also been proven through clinical testing that involving your children in activities such an Orff classes, piano lessons and guitar lessons can greatly improve cognitive skills and memory. Some of the skills that you can expect your child to learn upon taking music lessons include:

Hand-Eye Coordination

Playing a musical instrument improves hand-eye coordination. Just as when playing sports, children develop important motor skills when playing music. Strong hand-eye coordination is going to be a valuable skill in life, whether your child wishes to pursue music, become a hockey player, or a brain surgeon.

Concentration Skills

Learning to play a musical instrument requires concentration and improves a child's ability to focus. They must also develop patience and perseverance to overcome challenges. These skills will translate into other aspects of life such as focusing attention on subjects at school.

Problem-Solving Skills

Just like with any other musical instrument, playing the guitar often presents the learner with many difficulties and obstacles to overcome. From learning new chord fingerings to mastering a composition and overcoming stage-fright, this constantly evolving process challenges and stimulates the mind to grow.


Musicians are often very disciplined. They will set goals for themselves for every year, month, week, and day that goes by. This is because musicians are never satisfied with mediocrity, and are constantly looking at ways to improve themselves more and more. Setting goals to accomplish such tasks is just as important when it comes to real life and is a skill that not everyone else out there will possess.


Creativity should be encouraged. Some of the greatest accomplishments in all of mankind came from creative minds. A child's imagination is extremely important for cognitive development. Music lessons are a great tool for imaginative play. Playing songs and writing new melodies is a great way to encourage your child's creativity and imagination.

Math Skills

Interestingly enough, learning music also improves mathematical skills, especially when learning theory and rhythm. This is because music itself is completely based on mathematical principles. Learning music theory and applying it to a creative outlet is a great way to disguise mathematics by making it fun!

Phil Barrow is a music expert. For more great information on music lessons, visit http://artspotstudio.ca/.
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