What is the most complex part of trying to learn to play the piano?  That will be reading the notes then after, playing them on the keyboard. Are you trying to learn how to read piano music?

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Note that there is no shortcut to this: you can memorize the notes using flashcards but you won't be familiar with the keyboard and likewise you may choose to memorize the placement of keys but won't be able to read notes. So what do you do?

1. Study the sheet music written on a Grand Staff. The top part is called the Treble Clef (right hand) and the bottom part is called the Bass Clef (left hand). Between the Treble and Bass Clef is either a white space or song lyrics. Both the Treble and Bass Clef have black dots (some with lines going up). Observe if there are horizontal lines going through the black dots or none. The dots with no horizontal lines running through them indicate that it is in a space.

2. There is a symbol on the top part of the Grand Staff called either a Treble or a G Clef. This is what you read to play notes using your right hand. The symbol below the Grand Staff is called either a Bass or an F Clef. This is what you read to play notes using your left hand.

3. When learning to read the sheet music, start with the G Clef. There are five lines as you notice, start from the bottom line going up. You will see an E, going up G, then B, then D and then F. remember these by using the phrase "Every Good Boy Does Fine." Between the lines are four spaces and starting from the bottom space going up, there are the letters f, a, c and e which spells 'face'.

4. For the Bass or F Clef, the letters on the lines are: G, B, D, F and A. memorize them using the phrase "Good Boys Do Fine Always". On the spaces: A, C, E, G and B or "All Cows Eat Grass Bananas". The last letter here which is B sits on top of the 5th line. They are read from the bottom going up as well.

Learning how to read piano music shouldn't be too hard, in fact it could be fun. Just try to keep everything basic and you should be playing the piano like a pro in no time.

For more tips and information about how to read piano music [http://www.howtoreadpianomusic.org/] you can go to [http://www.howtoreadpianomusic.org/]

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Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

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