Do you get a headache just thinking about piano lessons?

Does learning to play piano sound like a difficult task?

For many, it is certainly a challenge. Consider this

1. 80% of those that try to learn piano give up within the first 2 years.
2. Piano lessons can be expensive.
3. Music theory and reading music notation is hard.
4. Time constraints get in the way.
5. My kids would rather play video games.

And the list goes on.

At Music Wizard Next Gen, we offer a different approach - like taking an aspirin for that headache.

Piano Wizard Academy is a complete turn-key music learning system designed to eliminate the headaches of learning to play.  It all started out with our fun to play software video game (the secret ingredient that makes it all fun and a challenge at any age).

This system can save thousands of dollars over traditional piano lessons.

We've taken out the difficult music theory that stops learners in their tracks.  Instead of getting bogged down with learning hieroglyphics, we focus on PLAYING through gameplay.  It's that simple.

The software comes with 11 DVDs with over 50 video lessons that go with the first 50 pieces in the 100 song curriculum that comes in the software. We also send the 5 books of sheet music for those 50 songs. It also comes with 200 total songs, plus some bonus songs, and is open ended, i.e. you can download and play with virtually any MIDI file and use it in the game. It also comes with color coded, washable removable stickers for the keyboard.

The important thing to understand is that the videos are NOT for the students, but for the parent or facilitator. The game's 4 steps does the heavy lifting with visual, audio and kinesthetic feedback, and the videos are to teach parents, non-musical facilitators and/or piano teachers how to take the kids to "Step 5", OFF the game, and make the game experience more musical, i.e., phrasing, technique, dynamics, the "art" of music, and to get them off the game to the sheet music and reading fluently at the piano.

We consider the game system "training wheels for the piano" and our approach emulates a "native language acquisition" approach, whereby they speak first (play in the game format) then read words they already know (transition to notation modes on songs they already know) and then grammar to deepen their understanding of the language (theory added as icing, rather than as a prerequisite).

This approach is VERY fast, kids will go through several songs a session in the early stages, but the curriculum builds their skills and becomes more and more challenging. The 100th song in the curriculum is Beethoven's Fifth Symphony arranged for 2 hands, for example. We calculate that this would be a 2 year children's curriculum with weekly lessons and diligent practice with traditional lessons.

With the game, less than half that time if they can practice at home. Kids will go at very different paces though, 2 can collaborate as well to break it up, in fact lots of parents find that playing together is a great bonding activity.

And isn't that a wonderful thing?




Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

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