So you've made the decision that you would like to send your child (or children) to piano lessons.

Great decision.

However, maybe money is tight.  Or maybe you are (as are many parents these days) concerned about spending your hard earned money in the right places.  So the first immediate question you have is "how to save money on piano lessons?"


It's a valid concern.  Piano lessons can be expensive, especially if you have more than one child.  In fact, there can be many other expenses associated with lessons that extend beyond the piano teacher's hourly fee.   (By the way that "fee" or "rate" can vary by significant amounts depending on where you live).

There's travel concerns and possible costs (to and from the lessons), the additional expense of books, a metronome, babysitting, or maybe even a grand piano itself.   Everyone's situation is different so costs will vary.  A good starting point is our interactive tool to compare the costs of piano lessons.

Once you've figured that out you need to choose a good, qualified teacher.  Your decision here should not be based on price alone. You'll want to interview the teacher first, find out about their teaching method and successes.  And if at all possible, speak to a few of their clients.

Why is that important?  Choosing the "wrong " teacher can quite possibly turn the child off to piano learning, maybe even for life.  Sure this may sound a bit dramatic, but studies have proven that 80% quit piano lessons within their first two years.  Is the teacher to blame for this?  Not always, as there are many variables in this equation such as generally losing interest, wanting to get into other things (like playing soccer), or lack of parental support.  But perhaps the most important reason is that it was just "too difficult".

Yes, music learning, at least in the traditional sense IS DIFFICULT for most of us.  And why is that?

Traditional music learning teaches music theory first.  Music is a language.  We learn our natural language by assimilation.  Then we go to school to learn how to read.  In traditional music learning, we are forced to do it learn contrary to the way we learn our language.  It's just backwards, and accounts for more failure than success.  Our children to not fail the system, the system fails our children.

So how do we save money on piano lessons, yet at the same time, increase the chance of success?

Piano Wizard Academy is a great place to start.  The system resolves around a fun video game that teaches piano the way we naturally learn our language.  We play first, then learn how to read (just like we "speak first, then learn how to read").

And at the same time, parents can save literally thousands of dollars on piano lessons.

This is not a knock on piano teachers.  While Piano Wizard is meant to be a music learning system for life,  once the students has progressed beyond the course, they are ready to "embrace" traditional teach methods, and encouraged to seek a qualified teacher to get the to the next levels.  Piano Wizard will work with, or enhance any teaching method out there.

And the beauty of it all is that it will open up a whole new world of music learning for them.  And as caring parents, saving money, raising happy children, and bringing music into our lives....well, isn't that what life is all about?

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