There is probably no executive busier than the President of the United States, wouldn't you agree? Here is a list of past presidents (and a few other major world political figures) who felt that playing music was instrumental to their work for their countries.

US Presidents:
• Thomas Jefferson played the cello, clavichord, and violin.
• John Quincy Adams played the flute.
• Chester Alan Arthur played the banjo.
• Woodrow Wilson played the violin.
• Harry Truman played the piano.
• Richard Nixon played the piano and accordion.
• Bill Clinton plays the saxophone.

Other Policial Notables:
• Benjamin Franklin played the guitar and violin.
• Patrick Henry played the played the flute and fiddle.
• Condeleeza Rice plays the piano.
• Mahatma Gandhi played the concertina.
• Sir Edward Heath (British Prime Minister) conducted the London Symphony Orchestra.

These busy people made time for music in their lives... are you?


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Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

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