As we prepare for the start of another brand new year, many of us make a list of our New Year's resolutions. Doing this is so ingrained in our society it is actually considered a tradition. Sticking to them however is another story,  Some do, many don't.

The most popular resolutions deal with personal health (i.e. losing weight, stopping smoking, eating better, exercising more, etc).

Others are self-improvement.  Is it any wonder that so many put down "learning to play instrument" as one of their resolutions?  And the majority of those are learning to play piano.

A few years ago we blogged a post on 12 reasons why you should learn to play piano.

Yes, there are plenty of reasons.  But the benefits of learning to play piano are significant.  But did you ever think that learning piano can actually be used to reinforce other resolutions?

For example, playing piano is a "distraction" for if you wanted to quit smoking, or give up some bad habit.  It gives you something to do with your hands and helps take your mind off smoking!

It's also a great tool for self-improvement as music learning builds a better brain.

And for those that find themselves just a little lonely at times, playing piano is a lifelong friend.

Ready to make your new year's resolution?  Start learning with Piano Wizard Academy and discover how great a friend music can be.



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