Not many kids or adults enjoy practicing scales and boring drills.  But if you want to get better, practicing is a must.  Think about baseball players.  They don't make it to the major leagues without hours and hours of practice to improve their skills and play at the major league level.  This will be a combination of hitting in batting cages, fielding drills, and even work outs at the gym to get stronger.

Practice is necessary if you want to get better, but it certainly does not have to be dull.  Here are a few piano practice tips to make it all great.

1. Time.  Set aside at least 30 minutes at a schedule you are comfortable with (daily, every 2 or 3 days) and stick with it.  This requires some discipline at first but if you stick with it, it will become a habit.

2. Challenge yourself.  If you are working out by lifting weights, you don't lift 100 pounds every session.  You increase the weight as you get "make" you stronger.  The same goes for playing piano.  Inrease the difficulty of each practice session.  One way is to increase the speed of that particular drill.  For example, if you are practicing a C Major scale, at each practice session, play it faster until it just becomes so natural you can play it with your eyes closed.

3. Avoid Distractions.  Your focus needs to be on the practice session.  Don't have the TV on in the background or allow others such as kids to run around the room. Distractions will only slow you down and decrease the performance.

4. Make it fun.  Yes, piano practice does NOT have to be boring.  It's not all about playing scales.  Try playing music that you enjoy and want to learn.  Have fun with those scales, play them forwards, backwards, with left hand, right hand.

5. Reward yourself.  After your practice session, pat yourself on the back an treat yourself to something you really enjoy. Rewards are a perfect way to instill confidence and boost desire.

One of the great things about the Piano Wizard game is that practice is "built-in".  While you are playing the lesson, you are already practicing with no additional effort.  By employing the tips above you can only get better.  You challenge yourself by getting a better score next time till you're at or close to 100%.  Another way is to increase the speed to the song using the right arrow key.

Make sure you are not going to fast.  If a lesson is too difficult, SLOW DOWN the tempo with the left arrow key until you are comfortable with the speed...then increase it as you successfully play that lesson.

Since Piano Wizard is infinately expandable, in addition to its' carefully designed curriculum, import some songs that you want to play and learn.  This will provide an even better experience.

Finally, parents make sure that you support your children and give them only positive reinforcement.  The have the natural instinct to want to make you proud.  By reinforcing the positives and providing 100% support, you will make it a rewarding experience for the entire family.

For more information:  Learn To Play Piano With Piano Wizard Academy

Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

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