So what is the best piano learning method?

Piano Wizard Academy is a simple learn how to play piano software game system. There are many options available to music learner as the market is saturated with different learning methods and approaches. These range from the traditional piano teacher, to non-traditional methods, video learning, and computer software.

That said, here are 10 reasons why we believe you may wish to consider Piano Wizard for your children (or even yourself).

1. The core of the Piano Wizard Academy system is the software that plays like a video game.  The result is that this gives the player a fun, yet still challenging way to play. Practice is no challenge as it is becomes a subconscious act by simply playing the game.

2. Utilizes "sensory learning", but shields students from hieroglyphics of sheet music, while at the same time introducing the user to great classical music.

3. Not only does the system teach one to play piano, it also helps the user learn to read music as well.

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4. The system comes with video lessons on DVD, taught by Don and Delayna Beattie of Southern Illinois University. The academy videos are actually geared towards parents or teachers so that they can assist the child in their piano studies.

5. Piano Wizard's simple, but genius 4 step method incorporates playing real songs in each lesson. This creates instant gratification and often "amazement" by both the child and the parent.

This is not to say that music theory and drills are not important, as they are at some point in the learning process. But these elements are introduced later on. only AFTER the student is actually playing. This approach is called "music before theory."

6. The system encourage family participation. In other words, we don't take kids and lock them in their room demanding that they practice their piano lesson. That will only lead to failure for most. Parental involvement not only contributes to the children's success, it also provides a unique bonding for parents / grandparents with their children / grandchildren.

7. There is no need to find a qualified teacher as the system handles all the legwork.. The system includes 2 years of children's level music curriculum. You may want to consider a qualified teacher upon completion of the Academy course, or in conjunction with it. There are many teachers that use the system with their students.

8. The system costs much less than traditional piano lessons. However, it can actually "encourage" future piano lessons with a qualified piano teacher.

9. Piano Wizard software can import MIDI files, which then automatically render into a game, or lesson.

10. It's just plain fun.

These are just 10 reason why we believe that Piano Wizard Academy is the best piano learning method available.

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Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

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