Piano Wizard Academy Bach2School K12 Music Curriculum Program has now been created for after school, charter school and public school use, with a new affordable multi-seat educational licensing program.

In tough economic times over the last decade, many school districts have had to tighten their budget. Unfortunately, music and the arts have been the first programs to go. Unfortunately, one of the first cuts is to music teachers, leaving sometimes equipment but no expertise. Long accepted and treasured in the home school community, Piano Wizard Academy has excelled and turning even non-music parents and facilitators into expert coaches with spectacular results. Piano Wizard Academy Bach2School K12 Music Curriculum Program has now been created for after school, charter school and public school use, with a new affordable multi-seat educational licensing program.

Dozens of new studies on the impact of music on the brain are showing over and over again that music learning provides broad and often profound educational benefits, from better grades and S.A.T scores, to social and emotional benefits as well. As a result, many schools are regrouping and searching for economical and effective means for music programs.

Roger H. Brown, President of Berklee College of Music said, “If you care about students doing well academically and preparing for careers, and helping them be successful in life, music is the pathway to open them up for learning in the first place. Practicing an instrument every day gives them discipline, learning to read music is learning a new language, playing in an ensemble you learn to work with other people.”

Breakthrough Approach

Piano Wizard Academy curriculum was created by Professors Don and Delayna Beattie and was introduced as a short summer boot camp program based on the Piano Wizard game. At 90 minutes a day for 4 days, children aged 3 through 12 learned from 12 to 20 songs in a single week, and on the 5th day were reading sheet music and playing at the grand piano. Their accomplishments have been described as effortless, painless and even joyful. The Beatties considered these results nothing short of amazing and knew they’d uncovered something special.

After the success of the boot camp, Don and Delayna authored a 100 Song Lesson Series that is now the “Academy Music Curriculum” in the Piano Wizard Academy bundle and then developed 50 short Tutorial DVD and Songbook lessons for the Academy Music Library.

Professor Beattie says, “Through music, a child enters a world of beauty, expresses his innermost self, tastes the joy of creating, widens his sympathies, develops his mind, soothes and refines his spirit, and adds grace to his body. What else is there to say?”

Most schools already have a computer lab, after school programs, and so the beauty of Academy is that it is easy to equip that lab with the software, keyboards, and program. The Tutorial music videos are so thorough, the learning so organic that even non-music facilitators and teachers have had great success setting up successful Piano Wizard programs with similar great results.

Professor Delayma Beattie added, “If I didn’t have music in school, I don’t know where I would be right now. Being part of a music ensemble provides a unique and valuable experience for students that can have a positive and profound effect on the rest of their lives. Take the kids that think they are too old to be there and let them be the mentors. And to be a mentor you don’t need to be a master musician…just learn how to play the game, and you’re are on the way.”

“It’s the most fertile ground for young musicians that we have ever seen in our lives.”

Game creator and Music Wizard founder Chris Salter said, “We are not traditional in our approach, yet our goal is to make all players backward compatible with a thousand years of precious music literature. Our method is music before theory, allowing the student to play piano immediately, and learn the underlying music theory later. We provide a rock solid foundation, a kind of “training wheels” for the piano and music in general, but the system is open so any song can be imported and learned, making it a deep music learning system for life. Anyone can play.

The school’s music educators, even enthusiastic amateur teachers with no music experience, can start the students on a journey that can take them as far as they want to go musically. We have had even profoundly challenged children take to it and are now playing Bach, Beethoven and Bartok from sheet music with ease and grace, with great developmental progress in all other areas as a huge bonus. Our mission is to help light up the brains of all children with easy, fun access to real music mastery.”

Professor Beattie added, “Now is the time to restore the rightful place of music education in the life of every child – and in all our lives.”

He believes that Piano Wizard Academy Bach2School k12 Music program can do just that.

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Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

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