Homeschoolers are a brave bunch. They have made the decision that homeschooling their children is a better learning solution for their needs.

So they obtain the best curriculum they could find for Math, Science, English, etc.  But what about music?   Will the family include music at all in the overall homeschooling curriculum?   If so, will the children be "sent out" for piano lessons?  You can purchase Piano Wizard Academy Homeschoool Edition Here.


The benefits of a music education, and playing an instrument are well documented.  If you are reading this (actually you are reading this!) you understand these benefits and want them for your children.  So what you're really thinking about is what piano lessons can homeschoolers use?

Piano lessons are wonderful.  Many piano teachers are wonderful too.  However, piano lessons can be expensive, especially if you have more than child.  Some families can absorb the cost, but oftentimes, between little league, soccer, cub scouts / girl scouts, there is a lot of juggling.  And then you have your days when the kid just doesn't feel like going to their lesson today, or practicing their lesson at home.

What's a parent to do?

There is a real solution to these headaches, and that's bringing piano lessons into the homeschooling curriculum.  Piano Wizard Academy is the PERFECT SOLUTION.


With Piano Wizard, YOU- the parent - can become a piano teacher, even with no musical experience at all.  The system is so simple, a 3 year old can use it.

And the more children you have, the better value it becomes as they can all use it, and learn together, or at their own page.

Piano Wizard will get rid of expensive piano lessons with its' 2 year's worth of music curriculum.

We DID say that piano teachers are wonderful...and important.  But why waste time and money until you KNOW that your child is ready to excel at piano?  Piano Wizard sets up children for piano lessons with a qualified teacher where their chances of success improve.  That's why we call our system "training wheels for the piano".  After the training wheels come off, the sky is the limit!


Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

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