Often non-music educators shy away from teaching music because they feel so inadequate in their musical understanding or training. One great way to overcome this inhibition and lack of experience is to "be a child" again.

1. Start where they are, be honest, and explore simple music making together with them. Sing along to records, get simple percussion together and just jam with simple beats, then variations.

2. Divide the kids into different sound groups and let each other orchestrate a jazz symphony with goofy but musical animal sounds.

3. Ask if anyone their plays an instrument, let them perform and teach the others some simple song or technique. Look for videos, computer games, and other activities that you can all teach together.

Your willingness to be a "fool" and learn alongside with them will inspire them to open up and explore as well. Remember, be the student you want them to be!

Tell me about your experiences.  What has and has not worked for you?

Chris Salter

Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

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