How do you get students to practice? Here is a tip I found online, but it would only seem effective if the parent or teacher is there, and knows how that passage is supposed to sound. (I would not use candy myself, sugar is never your friend when trying to keep kids focused . . . )

"One effective method of practice for hard bits is M&M practice.
You start with say 6 M&Ms on the left hand end of the keyboard.
Each time you do the tricky bit right, one goes to the right hand end;
getting it wrong, one goes back the other way. When they're all on
the right hand end -- you get to eat them! It takes skill to find
passages which are within reach, to make it an achievable challenge. "

Anyone else have any tips to keep your students motivated? After all, the greatest piano lesson in the world doesn't help if they don't practice, or if the practice wrong. What to do?

Chris Salter

Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

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