Is the Piano Wizard Academy 2 year music lesson curriculum suitable for homeschoolers where there is no musical background to teach them?

One of the bigger concerns that homeschooling parents have about their children's music curriculum is that some feel they have no qualifications to teach music.  Maybe they had a few lessons as a kid themselves, or none at all, and don't play an instrument.  So how can a parent take on the role of a piano teacher?  Sounds hard.  Actually, not hard at all. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!

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Parents no longer need to feel intimidated when it comes to music lessons.  With our game, the same concepts that apply to learning to play piano also apply to teaching piano.


We find that one of the best aspects of the program is how the Academy Quickstart videos coach parents to be the music mentor and get their kids off the game and playing and reading music at the real piano. The videos are not necessarily for children, they are for the parents.   Unguided, kids will tend to just noodle around.

Piano Wizard is open ended, meaning you can import virtually any song in MIDIMIDI files are a popular source of music on the web, and for musicians performing in clubs who need a little extra accompaniment. The files contain all the MIDI instructions for notes, volumes, sounds, and even effects format. There are millions of files of all kinds of music that can be downloaded for free, or purchased from professional MIDI sites for just a few dollars.


The Piano Wizard Academy system revolves around a fun to play game.  In fact, it's so much fun that many parents play it after the kids go to bed!  Yet, it reaches deeply with its' 2 year music lesson curriculum.

The benefits for parents are strong, even more so when they have more than one child.  The cost of piano lessons can put a strain on the family budget.  Not with Piano Wizard Academy. For a one time cost, the whole family can use it.  And we've made it easy to buy with our optional payment plan with no payments for up to 6 months, and an unheard of 6 month money back guarantee.

Give it a try.  We know you want to!


Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

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