If you're looking for sheet music for kids, there are quite a few websites where you can find what you're looking for.  Music notation can be very complex so when you are searching for sheet music for kids you are most likely looking for simplified versions or just simple songs.

The problem is that if you choose a piece of music that is difficult, it will frustrate the child.  Learning to play music should be fun. So you'll want to try to keep things as simple as possible, or match their skill level.  Of course it's quite possible your child is a piano prodigy!  However, most children, let alone adults, are not.

Some websites offer higher quality music transcriptions than others.  When purchasing the sheet music, you'll probably want to at least see a preview of what you're getting.  Of course, if you (the parent) understands nothing about sheet music, the selection process may not be that easy.

You can find a good selection of titles for free through a google search.  There are also web sites where you can purchase the sheet music for kids. Usually, you'll get better quality sheets from those sites that charge for them, but you may be able to find some good ones for free.  So you may want to shop around first before making your selections.  .

There are a few good piano software programs that come with sheet music, or provide the ability to purchase some.  The sheet music is usually part of the program's music curriculum which provides a structured learning process.

One of the great features of Piano Wizard's learn to play piano software is that it incorporates sheet music right into a game.  Rather than reading first and then playing, the child is playing first THEN reading.  This makes for a much easier transition into learning to read music.

In the complete Piano Wizard Academy, each song is a lesson.  So for each lesson, you'll find the song, a video tutorial, and the accompanying sheet music.

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Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

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