For most parents, if they want their kids to learn something, they tend to give rewards or basically offer a bribe. But did you know that giving rewards can produce negative results if not done properly? If kids get used to being rewarded for accomplishing something, they might be coerced into doing something they don't really want to do. They are only doing it because of the reward they will get after doing the task. If the reward such as candies, gifts, foods, etc., ran out, they would stop doing what they need to do. So if you want your kids to learn music, be sure that they really enjoy it and reward them in different ways.

A reward may not always be in a form of money or food. If you want your kids to learn music, you need to wait until they are ready to learn it and not force them to learn by giving bribes. At the time you feel that they are ready support them. Parents should always be there to support their kids in learning music. As to the rewards, one reward that can motivate them is to use their favorite music piece. Tell your kids that once they have reached a specific goal, you will let them work or play their favorite song. This will give them excitement and may make them practice more and learn in order to reach their goal.

As said earlier, one thing that can motivate them to learn music is to be around them. Get involved in their progress. You can make a progress list or a reminder list to keep track of what they are doing. You can also tell them that if they accomplish something, that would make you (their parents) proud and happy. In this case, a reward comes not only in a form of material thing, but also it can be an intangible thing such as happiness and appreciation.

Consider letting your kids join group lessons and recitals. This will give them more motivation to learn. This will improve their relationship with other kids and they will become more sociable and friendly. And of course, they will surely enjoy the company of their friends in learning music. This is also one way for them to gain performance experience in a relaxed setting. If your kids enjoy music, they will keep practicing and improving.

Lastly, you need to teach them to practice on their own. You or their friends may not always be around to teach them. It is better for them to learn how to practice alone. Give them basic and important instructions for them to remember and let them work it on their own. This will give a boost of confidence to your kids if they can accomplish a specific goal using their own efforts.

So remember that money and food are not the only things that can motivate kids to learn music. The important thing is they are enjoying what they are learning and they feel rewarded with what they have accomplished. Rewards don't always come in the form of material things.

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