Piano Lessons for Kids - Is My Child Ready for Piano Lessons?

Because of the many benefits of piano lessons for young children, parents don't want to wait too long before enrolling their kids in piano. They do want to be sure, however, that their young child is old enough to benefit from formal musical training. Fortunately, when exploring piano lessons for kids, making this decision is a straightforward process.

Because playing piano is an inter-play of left and right brain activity some basic language and math skills are very helpful. Your child will need to know all of these to succeed in school as well as to begin piano. And in turn learning to play the piano will improve your child's overall educational achievement in school. Below are five things kids need to know to begin piano lessons and some resources parents can use at home to prepare young children for lessons.

1. Knows the alphabet (music alphabet is the first seven letters.)

Knowing the alphabet is important because it is foundational to music theory. Notes, sounds, and the piano keys are identified by their letter names.

2. Identifies and counts numbers 1 to 10.

Knowing their numbers is necessary to learn note values as well as for fingering. For example, "Play this note with finger number 2."

3. Knows opposites - up and down; right and left; high sounds and low sounds.

Opposites give necessary perspective to important musical concepts.

4. Likes to play one key on the piano at a time, and listens to the sound each makes.

If your child is attracted to the piano, and out of curiosity enjoys playing the keys one at a time to hear their sounds, and likes to experiment a little, they are ready for piano. If your child, however, simply runs to the piano and starts banging on the keys with their fists, they are probably not quite ready to be a thoughtful piano student.

5. Is beginning to read.

Music always tells a story, so being able to read and sing the fun stories that often go along with beginning piano music is very helpful for young children. This develops the ear and gives context and meaning to each piece of music. This is what makes piano fun for kids.

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