Our journey of helping to increase music literacy around the world has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me and my family.  Music truly is a birthright and not only for the gifted. Today, Piano Wizard Academy is leading the way to helping spread the joy of music learning around the world - for ANYONE.

Recently I came across an old newsletter where I looked into the future and reflected on our achievements.

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Some have already been realized, some are well on the way.   This is an excerpt from my thoughts a few years ago:

  • Millions and millions now play and read and compose music routinely
  • My children are awake, compassionate, creative and alive, and finding deep satisfaction and love in the life journeys
  • My wife is a world class trainer and coach, author and speaker.
  • Healthy, stress free and awake, we unleash the musical creativity in millions of people through our collaborative games.
  • Jed has grown to be a fine young man and musician.
  • My team members are world renown and starting their own ventures of equal or greater magnitude.
  • All my children play and love music, and my own love of music finds expression in composing, producing, playing and unleashing it in others.
  • On a spiritual level, we find peace and understand and teach how to manifest your dreams, and those of others.
  • We use music to change global consciousness to a cooperative collaborative model, on a DNA and vibrational level.
  • Many many new Mozarts are born, and music becomes a second language that millions then billions share, and that brings Peace, Harmony and Love to the world.

We have a way to go still.  Piano Wizard was just the tip of the iceberg as we continue to develop more products and services, apps featuring various elements of music, working with K12 schools programs, and running Piano  Wizard Boot Camps all around the country.  All of this based on our award winning natural approach to music learning while allowing ANYONE to enjoy the many benefits of music learning via an approach that no other method can match.

Thanks for being on board and  hope you and your family enjoy the ride!


Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

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