This week, we turned the camera on in our studio and captured a wonderful moment with our six year old piano student, Vita. She began piano lessons eight months ago and is now so in love with Piano Wizard, the piano and singing that her mother has her taking three lessons a week.

We never cease to marvel at the power of music to uplift people's lives and bring them joy. At times like these, we are inspired to remember the words of the French playwright and actor, Moliere (1622-1673): "All the disorders, all the wars we behold throughout the world occur only because of the neglect to learn music. Does not war result from the lack of unison among men? Thus, were all men to learn music, would not this be the means of agreement between them and of seeing universal peace reign all over the world."

When my former university student from 1979, Chris Salter, came to us in 2005 and asked us to write the piano curriculum for his ingenious invention, Piano Wizard, we had no idea what lay in store. With hundreds of hours spent writing, filming and founding of Piano Wizard Academy, we continue to be amazed at how absolutely anyone can learn to play the piano and read music with Piano Wizard as the starting point.  We have been especially touched by what Piano Wizard offers for children with special needs. If you or your children have always wanted to learn to play piano, we invite you to visit the Piano Wizard website. From what we have experienced, everyone can learn to play, develop a good foundation in musicianship and have a great time learning.

In all our days ahead with our music and teaching, we expect never to lose sight of Moliere's vision as well as Beethoven's plea "for all men to be as brothers" from his Symphony No. 9. At the moment for Vita, it's all about playing and singing "Old Blue." If we can multiply Vita by millions, maybe one day, those powerful visions might be realized! Thanks and God bless.


Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

Discover powerful secrets behind music literacy

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