If you are looking for a way to keep your brain active then playing a musical instrument can be an effective solution for you. Piano is one such musical instrument which keeps your mind and body active as it requires co-ordination of several parts of body. Whether you are a youngster or adult, playing piano can be beneficiary for your mind, body and soul.

Here are 6 benefits of playing the piano:

    • Playing piano increases your coordination power. While playing piano, your hands and mind must develop independent coordination. This is one of the basic techniques that keeps your mind sharp. Each hand performs entirely different movement while playing piano whereas the brain tell each fingers about what keys should be pressed to get the desired tunes.


    • Piano playing requires a lot of attention which helps in increasing hearing awareness. Most of the people don't have a good sense of pitch, but while practicing piano, people are able to develop such quality. While learning piano, you train yourself to hear every tone and understand the pitch accordingly. This way you stimulate many senses of your brain which is difficult to do in regular life. Practicing piano helps improve your concentration power and makes your brain more attentive.


    • Reading notes also offers brain another kind of workout. In playing piano, your eyes focuses on the notes while brain gives signals to hands in order to guide on pressing certain keys. The ability to practice sight reading is quite similar to learning a foreign language. In this case, it requires extreme hand-eye coordination. Reading of notes also improve eye muscles as they move up and down while grasping notes across the page.


    • When you learn to play piano, you need the analysis of musical passages and grasp the theory behind the musical notations. This proves as a great level of mental exercise for the brain. Piano musical notes are a complex mix of chords, melodies and change in notes. But, if you play it correctly, the work done behind learning is worth it.


    • If you are public shy person, playing piano will help you increase social participation. If you are playing piano in presence of others, you are involving in a valuable social exercise. This is the best way to show your skills to other people and make others time enjoyable. Also, you can meet other musicians and share your knowledge of piano or other musical instruments.
    • Playing piano for fun or practiced as a profession, keeps the fingers lissome. The activity helps in strengthening hands and finger muscles. This is the most fun way to keep your hands strong and your heart light.


Playing piano is a great fun no matter what your age is! You can create your own tune for the day. It gives you an opportunity to show off your skills to other people, get appreciation which will give immense boost to your confidence level. Piano is not just a musical instrument, it's your brain exercise tool and a golden ticket for various social parties.

Pooja Sehra is a lifestyle editor at Pick Digest, a lifestyle digest targeted on digital lifestyle and other lifestyle trends. She also offers freelance content writing services for any type of content requirements.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Pooja_Sehra_Upadhyay

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