Piano Wizard Academy Piano Video Lessons With Don & Delanya

As wonderful as our Piano Wizard software is, I knew it lacked something. It's a great tool, but for it to be a real "Music Education In A Box" it need more. When we added a complete curriculum, piano video lessons along with songbooks, Academy was born.

Don Beattie was a former teacher of mine and quite frankly, he changed my life. So I met with Don and his wife Delayna (also a piano teacher of children for many years) and asked for their help. Don is the greatest teacher of anything I ever had. I believe he is a genius at how people learn, and he and his wife are profoundly passionate, deeply educated and experienced in this field. I couldn’t have chosen better mentors and helpers in making this the best product possible for you.


25 years later and now masters at their craft, they did exactly what I knew they would and exploded the potential beyond my wildest dreams, creating our Academy piano video lessons and turning Piano Wizard into a turnkey music learning system for life.

Now imagine Piano Wizard with real life coaches! (They wrote the curriculum specially for the system and give you all the musical secrets behind each and every step.)

How does traditional teaching stack up to the Piano Wizard Academy?

The Piano Wizard Academy Allows the Parents to be the “training wheels” to get their kids started and thriving, with no skinned egos or bruised self esteem. A great piano teacher can be incredibly inspirational, but someone has to practice or it is all wasted. Practice doesn’t make perfect, “perfect practice makes perfect” and that is where the game really shines, with constant positive feedback to keep them motivated and happy.

Human Interaction With You (and with your personal expert music coaches Don and Delayna Beattie)
Constant Check Points and Attainable Goals
Graduated Method Piano Curriculum (from zero to Beethoven in record time)
Parent-Child Bonding Through Playing Music Together
No Previous Music Experience Required
Takes Kids to That Crucial Fifth Step, Going From Game-Like Mode to Reading Real Music!

With Don and Delayna coaching, everyone learns through play, the entire family is sure to have a joyful experience and the kids love to win the positive attention of family and peers in the process.


Piano Video Lesson That Are Both Fun And Effective

DVD 1 (lessons 1-5)Song Book 1
DVD 2 (lessons 6-10)Song Book 2
DVD 3 (lessons 11-15)Song Book 3
DVD 4 (lessons 16-20)Song Book 4
DVD 5 (lessons 21-25)Song Book 5
DVD 6 (lessons 26-30)
DVD 7 (lessons 31-35)
DVD 8 (lessons 36-40)
DVD 9 (lessons 41-45)
DVD 10 (lessons 46-50)

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There’s no doubt that…

You want the very best education for your child
You want your children to have all the learning advantages that you never had
You want to teach your children the way you wish you’d been taught

Armed with a wealth of new information and discovery, I was determined to prove that ALL people have the ability to learn music. So I set out to create something that can teach ANYONE to “Hit the Right Note at the Right Time” and then seamlessly transition to reading the hieroglyphics of modern musical notation. That is exactly what this is and I’m so excited to be sharing it with you first!

I like to look at it as literacy vs. mastery type thought process, which is the opposite of how most of us are wired to think about playing music. That is exactly what I created with Piano Wizard Academy.


I believe that learning music has been a battle of pain vs. pleasure… if the excitement outweighs the frustration and discipline, a musician is born. If the obligation and pressures outweigh the fun, you end up with a diligent kid that just gets frustrated. These kids may even begin to dislike music entirely and never even touch an instrument again!

Some say 80% drop out of music lessons in the first two years! What if reading and math had similar failure rates?GUARANTEE your kids will have amazing undeniable success playing real music effortlessly and joyfully.

This isn’t just about your child learning to simply play an instrument or another boring game that promises to keep their interest and be educational at the same time. This isn’t just another discussion about music theory and curriculum that you should introduce. Here’s your chance to unleash endless progression in your kids through a unique opportunity where your kid will excel in dimensions you never expected!


Our Proven Method

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