For Windows PC or Mac (Not compatible with Mac Catalina at this time).  Not compatible with an iPad or Tablet.

Digital / Electronic Keyboard required for play.

Rated E for everyone

While many computer programs teach music, our Piano Wizard software can turn ANY SONG from Bach to Billy Joel into a VIDEO GAME that teaches you to play piano and read music as you play.

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Now anyone can learn to play the piano with an amazingly simple fun video game method.

Give the gift of music this holiday season

Piano Wizard Academy Online
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"I have never seen a more natural evolution to real musicianship."​​​​​​​

Piano Wizard Academy is a complete turnkey music learning solution that teaches piano and music reading fast, and engages the whole family.  We've combined our award winning 4 step software along with a  2 year children's level curriculum and online piano lessons. (Teens and adults love it too!)

From ages 3 to 99,  Piano Wizard Academy is the #1 Piano Learning Software Game with online lessons that Everyone Loves To Play.​​​​​​​

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"We provide the means to unlock the creative genius that is inherent in all of us."

Piano Wizard Academy™ program combines the genius of our Piano Wizard® software with our tutorial Videos and Sheet Music lessons. Our revolutionary 4-step method can teach anyone to play the piano and read music in minutes.

We Know Music. With over 50 years of teaching experience, we guide you song by song with the corresponding lessons teaching pitch, timing, rhythm, and finger numbering as you learn to read musical notation.

The video lessons teach educators how to integrate this program into their music education classes and teaches parents how to mentor their children through the process at home while even teaching them to play.


Piano Wizard is truly a rewarding family experience, and an ever expanding music learning system that will last a lifetime.

At Music Brain Training Co,  we've built our company based on the premise that music should be a birthright for everyone. We firmly believe the process of creating music should be fun, easy, and joyful experience for all ages.

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Here's our ROCK SOLID, Iron-Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

If there's anything I'm serious about, it's music. I've spent most of my adult life devoted to it, and I hope you can see that by what I've shared with you today.

I'm so confident in what I've put together that I want you to try it for 45 days.

And if you feel this isn't the best investment you've ever made for your family, simply let me know and I will give you a full refund of your purchase price. You may keep any bonus gifts we provide as my free gift for taking the time.


If you follow our system just as we designed it, I guarantee that your child - or even you - will play at least 5 songs in 5 days or your money back. The Piano Wizard Academy is undoubtedly in a class of its' own and I'm sure you will agree the second you and your family start using it. Here's to you, your family, and a lifelong journey of music.

46 day money back guarantee

"Piano Wizard eliminates the competition."

...The Toy Man Online​​​​​​​

Anyone can now enjoy the amazing benefits of music, such as


  • Actual physical and mental increases the brain’s memory capacity
  • Dramatic (as much as 30-40%) improvements in math, reading and comprehension skills
  • Coordinated multitasking of playing piano refines one's time management and organizational skills on a primary level
  • Affects both sides of the brain, especially coordination of left and right hemispheres because of the high density of nerves in the hands
  • Sharpens concentration, attention to detail and discipline to stick with a task or song
  • Better SAT scores, higher admissions to Med school, better social skills, self esteem and more.*

Piano Wizard is an opportunity, without the cost of traditional lessons, for people who have always found music-reading to be a stumbling block.  Everyone should have the opportunity to play music, not just to hear it.  With this program, everyone can.

So much more than learning to play piano

Music is a birthright not reserved for the elite. It should be open to all, not just those who have access to classical education. Music is something joyful and joins people at a spiritual level. Allowing everyone to experience that joy is a beautiful thing.

Piano Wizard Step One

Traditional music learning can be difficult and frustrating for most of us because it is taught contrary to the way we naturally learn our native language, resulting in failure for most of us. Our revolutionary 5-Step system takes you from playing first - to reading music - avoiding abstract deciphering of archaic musical notation.​​​​​​​​​​​


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No previous musical experience is required for parent or child.  We teach real musician skills, not just a few pop songsThe game invokes instant musicianship without difficult musical code, boring practice / drills, and a whole lot of nagging. 


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Graduated method piano curriculum...the building blocks that form a solid foundation of music for the students. Go from zero to Beethoven in record time.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Piano Wizard Academy Boot Camp

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Structured to emulate our Academy class taught at Southern Illinois University, which experienced a ZERO drop out rate. Proven successful with sometimes life-changing results. Educational and developmental benefits for kids, healthand mental benefits for adults.