ASD Community Beta Test

ASD Community Beta Test

piano-wizard-academy-logo-no-textThank you for your interest in participating in our ASD Community Beta test of our iPhone and iPad app to teach people to play piano and read music, even for people on the autism spectrum. Our app was not specifically designed for people on the autism spectrum, but we have had some anecdotal evidence from special needs parents and particularly those in the ASD community that it can be very helpful developmentally, even transformational, to learn music.

These stories ( and have lead us into this field of inquiry, and we feel we may be at the beginning of a whole new era of music/brain/autism research, but we need your help and honest feedback.

This survey has now expire, but we invite you to discover how Piano Wizard Academy can be a wondeful tool for your child.




1 in 68 children born in the US develop ASD according to the latest info from the CDC. Many different approaches have been developed to prevent and treat the syndrome, with no one “magic bullet” being available, or working for all. Still, one of the bright spots for families has been music, as it is a bonding, engaging vehicle of communication that can bridge some of the gaps the syndrome can create.

More importantly, new studies on the role of music, particularly piano playing has on the brain indicate that music therapy could perhaps be more important than previously thought to light up and reconnect various parts of the brain and neurosystem. Dr. Jon Lieff has compiled summaries of dozens of new studies here that address all ages and aspects of music and the brain. New studies on autism and music are pending and we would like to find ways to contribute to that knowledge and research. Our own anecdotal feedback from customers ( and has lead us into this field of inquiry, and we feel we may be at the beginning of a whole new era of music brain research.

Disclaimer:  This is not a “scientific” research, we are simply trying to learn more about the ways we might help the community. We may use multiple choice for some questions for ease of communication, but we will give you room and we encourage any additional information you may feel comfortable providing to clarify or qualify your answers. You may skip any questions (except the email, or we cannot communicate with you) and still participate in this voluntary study. Your email and personal information will not be shared with the public. We may want to follow up with you later to ask about future progress.

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