Real Music Learning In 5 Simple Steps


Traditional piano lessons teach musical notation first.

We don't.

The truth is most of us don’t want to wade through the hieroglyphics before we get to play. We want to play NOW.

The Piano Wizard Method teaches anyone to easily play the piano all through an amazingly simple computer video game combined with our award winning piano learning software.!

Subconsciously, the system will show you how to learn to read music too.

Watch this 4 year old girl play AND READ music in LESS THAN A WEEK.

“I was skeptical until the piano wizards enticed me to try and there I was, playing some kind of sonata or other. It was nice to find a computer video game that actually teaches something significant.”
Marthy Kay

“A stress free, fun experience that consistently proves successful.”

The Gadgeteer
“I just want to personally thank the people who created this awesome way to teach kids to play the piano, I wish I knew about this when i was younger, I’m 18 now …. Piano Wizard will make a huge difference!”
John S.
“An amazing engine that lets virtually anyone take virtually any piece of music and play it.”
Shannon DrakeThe Escapist
“It’s the Rosetta stone of music learning!”
“Learn the piano without falling asleep.”
Gamers Daily
Piano Wizard, being so intuitive a method, makes it easy to know when to push a key without having to understand spoken (or written) instructions. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product.
May Shamp

“I have the product and personally witnessed children with no previous musical training sit down and begin playing songs in minutes. For anyone who would love to learn how to play piano or has a child or grandchild that you would love to give a precious gift to, you owe it to yourselves to take a look at Piano Wizard.”

Sarah C.

“Since children with Asperger’s (or most children under the autism umbrella) are typically visual learners, these kiddos often respond well to learning via a video gaming format. That makes it fun for you too!”

Maggie (customer)
“This is a complete package that is worth the investment”
Advanced Media Network
“Piano Wizard eliminates the competition.”
The Toy Man Online
“A great tool to keep kids busy learning and having fun at the same time”
Gamers Reports


Simple Is Genius! Look how easy it is to learn how to play with Piano Wizard.

piano wizard 4 steps

Music before theory

This game based method teaches Tempo, Timing, Fingering, Note Names and Reading of Notation while practicing with either right, left or both hands. Our method advances the student from playing a video game to reading music.

piano-wizard-step1As you begin in STEP ONE, game play is based on objects and colors, not notes and keys. During installation, you've placed the colored stickers on each key of your keyboard. In Step One of the game, you'll see a representation of the same color-coded keyboard at the top of the screen. When a song begins, color-coded objects such as circles, dinosaur eggs, stars or whatever background you choose will scroll from the bottom to the top of the screen. The color of the object corresponds with the color of the key to press. When the object reaches the top of the screen, it scrolls over one of the color-coded keys. Your goal as a player is to press the same key on your keyboard at the exact moment that the object passes over the on-screen key. When you press the right keys at the right time in the right sequence, you'll be playing a song.

This is the most basic lesson of Piano Wizard: pitch and timing. Pitch is the frequency of a sound as perceived by the ear. In music theory, we give names to each pitch: a, b, c, d, d-flat, f-sharp and so on. By playing Piano Wizard, you won't learn the names of note yet, but you'll become familiar with the idea that different keys produce different pitches or sounds. The student immediately recognizes music in its' simplest form - playing the right note at the right time.

piano-wizard-step2In STEP TWO, the on-screen keyboard rotates to the left side of the screen. Now the objects scroll from right to left instead of from bottom to top. This is a little trickier to master, because the player's keyboard is still oriented horizontally, but the on-screen keyboard is vertical. But with this vertical orientation, the color-coded objects look more like real notes on a musical staff.

In music notation, notes with a higher pitch are higher on the staff. Likewise, in this step of Piano Wizard, notes with a higher pitch are higher up on the screen. Whether the player realizes it or not, he or she's starting to learn the basics of reading music. They are actually reading sheet music but don't know it until it is revealed in the next step.

piano-wizard-step3In STEP THREE, the color-coded objects become musical notes on a real staff. Notes and rhythm become second nature. Now the transition to reading music is almost complete.

The color of the note is still its' most important characteristic as far as the player is concerned. But he or she's also becoming comfortable with the look of musical notes on the staff in all of their variations and lengths -- whole notes, quarter notes, eighth notes, sharps and flats.

piano-wizard-step4 In STEP FOUR, the colored notes change to black on a musical staff, making the transition to reading actual musical notation fun and effortless!

The student is now playing and reading real music. At this point, the student reads notes exactly how they would be written on a piece of sheet music. The only difference is that the notes continue to scroll across the screen.

Piano Wizard Academy - STEP FIVE

pianoWhile the game's steps end here, Step Five is where the student take it to a piano with the Piano Wizard Academy! That is the transition to playing from the sheet music (provided) at a real piano. This is where the true strength of the Piano Wizard Academy (and our "secret agenda) is found - taking it to the piano with the "Art of Music":

  • Phrasing
  • Posture
  • Dynamics
  • Technique
  • Reading Music

The tutorial DVDs and Songbook lessons by Don and Delayna Beattie guide you through the process. If the student doesn't own a piano, they can continue to use their digital keyboard in "free play mode".

From Bach To Billy Joel, you'll be playing piano in minutes!

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