Piano Wizard Academy has changed the way we learn to play piano.

The #1 Piano Learning Software Method That The World Loves To Play!


A revolutionary award winning play-to-learn music system designed for kids 3-93. It’s a breakthrough in music learning. Finally, the joy and benefits of music are available to everyone!  REAL songs, REAL music learning on a REAL instrument, Real Fun! Are you ready to GET REAL?

“Considering that many kids learn to run a computer before they learn to read, this could be the teaching system of the future.”

Future Music Magazine

Why Piano Wizard Academy?

piano wizard four steps

4 Step Music Learning Method

Piano Wizard Academy is simply the most innovative music learning system available. With our award winning 4-step game engine and music before theory approach, virtually anyone can take any piece of music and play it.  Instead of struggling to learn to play piano, you’ll PLAY-TO-LEARN, almost subconsciously learning to read music along the way too!

Enjoy 50 piano lessons incorporated into our piano learning software video game, 50 additional self taught lessons for a total of 100 (2 years worth of children’s level curriculum). We add DVD videos for 50 lessons that teach the important fundamentals of music along with accompanying sheet music that you can take to a real piano.  Piano Wizard will take you from ZERO to BEETHOVEN – BACH to BON JOVI in no time – GUARANTEED!

So much more than just learning to play piano…

Better grades and S.A.T scores


Dramatic (as much as 30-40%) improvements in math, reading and comprehension skills

Sharpens concentration, attention to detail and discipline to stick with a task

Actual physical and mental increases your brain’s memory capacity


of kids learn to play a musical instrument


of adults wish they had

You’ll save THOUSANDS of dollars over traditional piano lessons.  At about just $4 per lesson over 6 months, the entire family can enjoy this expandable music learning system for LIFE!

Are we out to replace piano teachers?  Not at all.  In fact, our mission is to increase music literacy and send more students to piano teachers than ever before.  However, only once they are fully prepared does that investment make sense.  Why throw away all that money on lessons that may not work?

And why settle for other programs that put their own spin on the same old tired ineffective backwards approach to music learning?  While a small percentage of us that are musically gifted may benefit, the results are basically the same for the majority.

If you are like most parents, you want to give your children every tool in the toolbox to help them succeed. Piano Wizard Academy is a POWER TOOL!

Teen plays piano wizardcolor-circles

Piano Wizard is the only method that teaches music the way we naturally learn a language.

Music IS a language and traditional methods teach contrary to the way we naturally learn, resulting in failure for most of us.  Difficult notation, music theory, boring drills, and a whole lot of nagging are NOT the solution, though many have tried.

We’ve made it fun, joyful, amazingly effective, and family friendly, making it so much easier to achieve the many benefits that music learning has to offer. Piano Wizard is music learning for the rest of us!

  • No Previous Music Experience Required – Virtually ANYONE can play and learn.

  • Gaming Style Learning Environment – Makes piano learning fun.

  • Builds Movement, Rhythm and Tempo Effortlessly – Important skills of playing.

  • Constant Check-Points and Attainable Goals – Keeps you motivated

  • Instills the Fundamentals of Making Music: Phrasing, Posture, Dynamics and Technique!

  • Keeps Interest with Unlimited Song Options

  • Human Interaction With You

  • Graduated Method Piano Curriculum (from zero to Beethoven in record time)

  • Takes the player / student to That Crucial Fifth Step, Going From Game-Like Mode to Reading Real Music!

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