Now ANYONE can now play piano in minutes with an amazingly simple video game.

While many computer programs teach music, only Piano Wizard can turn any song from Bach to Billy Joel into a video game that teaches as you play.

No more frustrating lessons, ineffective approaches, boring drills, difficult music notation, and nagging.

It's so easy even you can play!

Proven success with results that can be life-changing.

Save thousands over traditional lessons.

Better, faster, funner results...Guaranteed.

What if you could improve your child's self-esteem, mental & emotional health, grades and test scores through music?

We provide the means to unlock and ignite the creative musical genius inherent in us all. Shatter the restraints of traditional music learning while retaining the organic ability to handle even Bach like complexity.

Piano Wizard Overview

The "boot camp" that started it all.

Scott Houston aka "The Piano Guy" discusses Piano Wizard.

Play your favorite songs.

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The Problem

Traditional methods teach contrary to the way we naturally learn our native language.

Studies show that normal attrition rates for piano lessons among the general population can approach 80 percent. In addition to the high drop out rates among beginning music students are the subtle scars to the soul that many who give up on music can carry with them as a result of the frustrating or even humiliating experiences related to music lessons as a child.

The traditional method of teaching piano is to immediately introduce theory and notation, making learning unnatural and far more difficult than it needs to be. Deciphering archaic musical code, music theory, expensive lessons, boring practice / drills, and a whole lot of nagging are NOT the solution, though many have tried. Consequently, this results in failure for most of us.

We learn to speak our native language before going to school to learn how to read. Why would we expect anyone to learn how to read before they learn how to speak?

Music is our birthright and should be available to everyone and not just those that are exceptionally gifted.

We do not fail the SYSTEM. The system FAILS US. But there is a solution.

The Solution

Piano Wizard makes practicing fun and even addictive, with instant feedback and rewards. And it all starts out with our award-winning video game. so engaging that they don't even know they are practicing!

Our innovative music learning system is the ONLY method that teaches music by emulating the way we NATURALLY learn our native language, making music learning easy. 
Through the game's visual, auditory, and feedback, we can unleash the inner musician in anyone and prepare a whole new generation of Mozarts!

Our award winning 4-step game engine and music before theory approach empowers virtually anyone to take any piece of music and play it.

By adding "step 5" with our Academy DVD lessons and songbooks , we take you to a real piano and music reading in no time. Instead of struggling to learn to play piano, you’ll PLAY-to-READ-to-LEARN, almost subconsciously, learning to read music along the way too!

Piano Wizard Academy gives endless years of the joy of playing music, without the normal tedium and pain of practice.

Music Before Theory

Our revolutionary 5-Step system takes you from playing first - to reading music.

No Music Experience Required

No previous musical experience is required for parent or child. The game invokes instant musicianship. We'll take ANYONE from ZERO to BEETHOVEN.

Great Fun For All Ages

Children as young as 3 can play. Teens can learn to play their favorite songs while adults are invigorated by the colorful video game and therapeutic benefits of music.


You'll need a Windows PC or Mac desktop computer / laptop and a digital keyboard (yours or ours).

We put training wheels on the piano (well, sort of 🙂 )

And it all starts with an easy and fun video game that ANYONE can play.

This just may be the "golden ticket" to unlocking the inner genius in your children. Implementation is easier and faster with better results than anything you have ever seen before. Guaranteed.

Piano Wizard Step 1

Step One

As you begin in step one, game play is based on objects and colors, not notes and keys. During installation, you've placed the colored stickers on each key of your keyboard. You'll see a representation of the same color-coded keyboard at the top of the screen. When a song begins, color-coded objects such as circles, dinosaur eggs, stars or whatever background you choose will scroll from the bottom to the top of the screen.

The color of the object corresponds with the color of the key to press. When the object reaches the top of the screen, it scrolls over one of the color-coded keys. Your goal as a player is to press the same key on your keyboard at the exact moment that the object passes over the on-screen key. When you press the right keys at the right time in the right sequence, you'll be playing a song.

Step Two

The on-screen keyboard rotates to the left side of the screen. Now the objects scroll from right to left instead of from bottom to top. This is a little trickier to master, because the player's keyboard is still oriented horizontally, but the on-screen keyboard is vertical. But with this vertical orientation, the color-coded objects look more like real notes on a musical staff.

In music notation, notes with a higher pitch are higher on the staff. Likewise, in this step of Piano Wizard, notes with a higher pitch are higher up on the screen. Whether the player realizes it or not, he or she's starting to learn the basics of reading music. They are actually reading sheet music but don't know it until it is revealed in the next step.

Piano Wizard Step 2
Piano Wizard Step 3

Step Three

The color-coded objects become musical notes on a real staff. Notes and rhythm become second nature. Now the transition to reading music is almost complete.

The color of the note is still its' most important characteristic as far as the player is concerned. But he or she's also becoming comfortable with the look of musical notes on the staff in all of their variations and lengths -- whole notes, quarter notes, eighth notes, sharps and flats.

Step Four

The colored notes change to black on a musical staff, making the transition to reading actual musical notation fun and effortless!

The student is now playing and reading real music. At this point, the student reads notes exactly how they would be written on a piece of sheet music. The only difference is that the notes continue to scroll across the screen.

Piano Wizard Step 4
Piano Wizard Academy System

Step Five

While the game end here, this is where the student takes it the final crucial step with Piano Wizard Academy. This is the transition from playing a video game to reading the sheet music (provided) on the piano. You'll learn:

  • Phrasing
  • Posture
  • Dynamics
  • Technique
  • Reading Music
  • And more

The tutorial DVDs and Songbook lessons (100 lessons total) by our teachers Don and Delayna Beattie guide you from ZERO-to-Beethoven in no time.

Our system is expandable for LIFE as you can download any MIDI file, import it, and it automatically renders to a game. Piano lessons were never more fun!

Key features and benefits

Bonding Through Music

A unique and rewarding parent-child bonding experience through real music learning.

Music Before Theory

Play before you learn in a fun and engaging gaming-style environment. Introduces a natural approach to learning music. Perfect for ages 3-93.

Step 5

Takes the student to that crucial transition to piano. Go from game-like mode to reading real music!

Instills The Important Skills Of Musicianship

Builds Movement, Rhythm and Tempo Effortlessly. Learn Phrasing, Posture, Dynamics and Technique.

Amazing Benefits

Through neuroplasticity, music playing helps to wire a child’s brain for all education.

No Previous Music Experience Required

If you can recognize colors, you can learn to play before you can even say "Beethoven".

Built-In Motivation

The drudgery of practice is eliminated. Constant check-points, attainable goals, and supportive teachers keep the student motivated.

Progressive Learning

Graduated method piano curriculum. Go from zero to Beethoven in record time.

Expandable For Life

Add unlimited songs via any MIDI library. As a result, this keeps interest and allows the student to grow.

Just Fun

Practice is no longer a dreadful chore as our video game makes it fun.

What They're Saying About Piano Wizard Academy

"I don’t know if I am sending this email to the right address or not but I just had to write and say THANK YOU! I installed the program last night. Today is Saturday and my kids (12 and 11 years old) are still in their pajamas. They had been playing Piano wizard all morning. They have already mastered song 10! And I have to tell you that it is so much fun that I have been playing too.

I was worried about the transition to the real piano but (you will laugh at this) I called my friend and put the phone on “speaker phone” so I could play for her. I have no music background at all and it was a breeze! My friend was most impressed. She is coming over next week to try it out. Yay!! Finally a music program that works. We LOVE it!! Thanks so much!"

The Uling Family

"Piano Wizard Academy is Awesome! Not only could this person who failed abysmally at piano lessons as a child learn how to play within a couple hours, I’ve gained countless hours of pleasure since I first started. I love that Piano Wizard offers such a wide variety of music and is always updating their selection."

L. Sugarman

Building Smarter Kids

Child playing pianoLearning to play a musical instrument wires a child’s brain for all education.

From better grades and S.A.T scores, to self expression and self esteem, to healing with music therapy and beyond - the benefits of music learning can be significant for your child - or even you!

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