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best price piano wizardSAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS over traditional piano lessons! For less than $15 a week for the entire family for 6 months on our payment plan (through Paypal’s Bill Me Later™), the award winning Piano Wizard Academy includes the keyboard, and a 6 month guarantee!

Critical Acclaim

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There’s a new approach to learning music that just may be the golden ticket to unlocking your child’s inner genius. Implementation is easier and faster with better results than anything you have ever seen before.


“With Piano Wizard, a child of 3 can begin playing melodies in no time.”

Good Housekeeping

pwa-dvd-coverREALLY learn to play piano without the expense, frustration, difficult music theory, and boring drills of traditional lessons and learn 2, 3 or even 5 times faster.

Learn a new song everyday, develop new skills, and enjoy a truly FUN and rewarding learning experience together.

happy-familyHelp your kids connect with others socially, emotionally, and spiritually through an immensely satisfying non-violent video game option.

Gain confidence, boost brain power, get better grades, and more, all through the amazing benefits of music learning.

piano_wizard_imageWhat if the teacher was patient, kind, gentle, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, motivating, understanding and encouraging?

What if you became the teacher without having any music experience at all?

piano-lesson-costsWhat if for the cost of just one child, your whole family could learn and play, for life?


The Problems

music for childrenOur children have been deprived of a lifelong friend as Music programs in schools have been all but destroyed with cutbacks. Until now the only other solution was to hire a music teacher.

We all know what that entails – nagging our child to do hours of tedious practice, spending hard earned money on lessons with no assurance of success.

And with all the choices of fun things to do on computers like games and social media, what child is going to comply to a virtual jail sentence?

classical composers
In the meantime we are also depriving our children (and ourselves) of the massive music advantages cited in study after study of 30% to 40% jumps in Math and Spatial skills, including significant increases in SAT scores.

(Source: 1999 College-Bound Seniors National Report: Profile of SAT Program Test Takers, The College Entrance Examination Board, Princeton, New Jersey)


Music students received more academic honors and awards than non-music students.

(Source: NELS:88 First Follow-up, 1990, National Center for Education Statistics, Washington D.C.)

Music learning also helps develop confidence, coordination, relaxation, patience, and self-confidence.

Did you know that music majors top the ranks of Med school admissions

In the meantime our kids are “frying” their brains playing non-productive violent video games. Their “social interaction” has transitioned to “social media” and text messaging. They’ve gone from playing in the street to playing online. It’s time as parents we take control of our children’s future and give them the tools they need to excel.

The Solution

Piano Wizard Academy re-enables music to be a friend for life again in all our children’s lives the world over by making it fun, easy and affordable. And, even more importantly, it competes on an even footing with all those other distracting, potentially harmful and destructive, internet and video games. Not only competes, but wins hands down because kids know innately how good a friend music can be.

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Reinventing The Way We Learn To Play Piano


So What Makes Piano Wizard So Unique?

Piano Wizard Academy is an amazingly simple, yet comprehensive turn-key music learning game system that can teach virtually anyone to learn to play piano. Our revolutionary and patented 4-step method will have your kids, or even you, playing piano and reading music in minutes – not months – using real music in real time on a real instrument.


Piano Wizard is a fun family friendly “video game” that makes kids WANT to practice. Inside is a deep 2 year children’s level curriculum with DVD lessons, accompanying sheet music, and more.


chromatic circle“The chromatic scale is using all the notes, both black and white, and is actually the secret to our game’s color coding, in that we make each note equal with the rest by color coding to the chromatic scale, and making virtually anything written in western music notation available to the game via MIDI.

The great thing is our game does not require you to understand anything to be able to play and read music in minutes. If you know your colors, we can take you as far as you want to go.”

“Don’t be fooled by imitators. Piano Wizard is the only program that teaches the way we naturally learn a language.”

Music is a language. However, it is traditionally taught “contrary” to the way we naturally “learn” a language. As a result, 80% fail or quit within the first two years.


dad and son play piano wizardThe Piano Wizard Academy approach emulates the process of learning one’s native language in a simple five-step system that transitions the player from simple hand eye coordination and instant music making, to subtle transitions to music notation, fingering, note names, and more.

Our unique system teaches basic “elements” of music through “gameification“, in a way that allows students to play, read and create real music in a fraction of the time and expense of traditional lessons, while having fun. We guarantee success or your money back.


Piano Wizard is infinitely expandable with unlimited song downloads for a lifetime of the joy of music for the ENTIRE family. You also get unique tools to help you become your child’s music coach … even if you’re not particularly musical yourself.We’ve cracked the musical code that has locked most of out from experiencing the joy and benefits of music learning.


color coded keyboardIt never tires as each new song instantly renders into a brand new game. Designed for people with no music training, includes 50 video DVD coaching lessons (with sheet music) that guide you how to turn the game into a deep music learning experience for you and your children. It’s the exact opposite of boring lessons.


Each day literally unlocks new insights, new learning, and amazing results in the funnest way imaginable. Saves literally thousands of dollars over traditional piano lessons, with results that are off the charts.

As revolutionary and cool as our 4-step method is, the REAL MAGIC happens in “Step 5. That’s when the player takes it to a real piano and is instantly playing a real song – even if they’ve never touched a piano before.


This isn’t just about your child learning to simply play an instrument or another boring game that promises to keep their interest and be educational at the same time. This isn’t just another discussion about music theory and curriculum that you should introduce. Here’s your chance to unleash endless progression in your kids through a unique opportunity where your kid will excel in dimensions you never expected!


I know you’re thinking: “Can this “game-like system” really teach my kids to read sheet music that easily, expose them to great musical minds and deeper musical study? How can something appear like a video game and do all that?” Answer: This is actually where the Piano Wizard Academy excels getting kids to read music painlessly, effectively, leading them deeper and deeper into music without trauma or the boredom of drills. In the beginning, they don’t even realize that they are learning and before you know it, they have gained so much confidence that they are excited and motivated to learn like mad!

And we GUARANTEE you’ll love it or your money back!

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