Piano Wizard Academy is changing the way we learn to play piano.

What if you could put training wheels on a piano? (Well we did…kind of :)

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This just may be the “golden ticket” to unlocking your inner genius. Implementation is easier and faster with better results than anything you have ever seen before.

The #1 Piano Learning Software System That The World Loves To Play.


Piano Wizard is still the ONLY method that teaches music the way we naturally learn our language. Our patented 4-step color coded method magically transforms the learning experience into a stimulating and fun video game. Easy enough for a 3 year old, yet challenging and scalable for an experienced player.

The Piano Wizard approach to music learning emulates the way we naturally learn our language with visual ,auditory, and kinaesthetic feedback – and injects a lot of fun for the entire family.

Piano Wizard Academy Family Pack

The truth is most children want to learn music. But they think they’re not talented, or fear it’s too hard and requires too much work. Remember when you were a child, and practice was so boring, repetitive, and torturous that you finally just gave up?

What if there were a simple and engaging learning system, where children of any age could learn how to play the piano in minutes, and enjoy the benefits of a lifetime of music? What if practicing were fun and even addictive, with instant feedback and rewards, all in the form of a video game?  In fact, they don’t even know they are practicing!

Piano Wizard Academy is simply the most innovative music learning system available. In fact, it’s the ONLY method that teaches music the way we NATURALLY learn our native language.  Like “training wheels for the piano“, we prepare learners for advanced piano lessons like no other method can, like pre-k prepares students for school settings.

With our award winning 4-step game engine and music before theory approach, virtually anyone can take any piece of music and play it. Instead of struggling to learn to play piano, you’ll PLAY-TO-READ-TO-LEARN, almost subconsciously learning to read music along the way too!

Frustrating and difficult Piano Lessons

Traditional music learning can be difficult and frustrating for most of us.


Traditional methods teach contrary to the way we naturally learn our native language, resulting in failure for most of us.  We learn to speak our language before going to school to learn how to read. This is like asking a child to learn how to read before they learn how to speak.

The traditional method of teaching piano is to immediately introduce theory and notation, making learning unnatural and far more difficult  than it needs to be. No wonder most just give up.

Difficult notation, music theory, boring drills, and a whole lot of nagging are NOT the solution, though many have tried.

Piano-Wizard-next-gen-4-stepsFocusing on the translation of the hieroglyphics of music notation as a FIRST STEP is one of the contributing factors making practicing painful and unenjoyable.  With Piano Wizard, notation is a NEXT STEP after the student is already playing REAL SONGS.

Don’t be fooled by other similar looking video games that look like step 1.  That is where most end.  We take you through 4 steps from playing a game to reading music. By the time music is notation is revealed, it is simply looked at as a map of the game!

But the REAL magic is not in the game.  Step 5 is when you take it to a REAL piano (or digital keyboard) with the sheet music.  You are now reading sheet music almost effortly, playing from muscle memory acquired through the first 4 steps.  Not THAT’s revolutionary!

kids-play-piano-wizardThere are 2 basic dimensions of music:

  • Pitch (which note, color coded for easy identification in the game).
  • Rhythm, or time, (revealed by showing the original logic of space between notes to show the correct time to play them).

Because the player can ANTICIPATE when to play the note, their innate hand-eye coordination is all they need to play the music of the masters, in seconds.

Pitch and Time are the skeleton, upon which all the rest hangs. Get that right, and you have a basic form, from which you can BEGIN to create great music. After all, music is simply about hitting the right notes at the right time.  Piano Wizard does that all for you ingeniously.

Piano Wizard bridges the gap between sheet music and your keyboard.

One of the biggest hurdles for people learning to read music is the lack of a clear one-to-one relationship between the notes on a piece of sheet music and the keys on the keyboard. Piano Wizard gently eases the player into learning that connection so crucial to learning to read music.

Virtually anyone can play REAL songs with a REAL digital keyboard within minutes without ever having played a note before. No need for sheet music. Oh, and did we say it’s a video game?  The DVD lessons are just as much fun to watch, although they are actually intended for parents and teachers to help guide and support the children and students. After you’ve mastered our 100 lesson curriculum, go ahead and download MIDI FILES from the Internet, import them and they automatically render to a game. Play and learn your favorite songs from your favorite artists…the Piano Wizard way. play-songs-from-your-favorite-artists



Family Friendly – Non-Violent – Wholesome Fun and real music learning.

We stress family participation while the kids learn.  You’ll bond with your children in a unique way.  You’ll want to play the game when the kids go to sleep.  Your kids will get so excited when they earn their star stickers as they progress through each lesson.  And they’ll make you proud.

“How good is it? Our testers could play the songs they had learned on Piano Wizard on a real piano later that same day – without having to be nagged to do so!”


“A stress free, fun experience that consistently proves successful.”

The Gadgeteer

“Piano Wizard, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.”


Piano Wizard also ventures where no other music games do – with advancing modes of play taking you from a beginner, all the way to fluently reading the musical scores that previously seemed like hieroglyphics.


“…seldom do we find a product that is as exciting as Piano Wizard Academy! As an editor, educator and musician, if we had medals to award along with our Editor’s Choice Award, I would certainly present Piano Wizard with the Gold Medal.”

Computer Times

“Music education apps are more productive in this department, but usually fall flat in enjoyment and substance. Piano Wizard could single-handedly change that, pairing engaging mechanics with increasingly challenging game-play.”

“Piano Wizard Academy is one of the best piano learning courses available for it is comprehensive, interesting, and very simple for beginners.”

“An amazing engine that lets virtually anyone take virtually any piece of music and play it.”

The Escapist
Painlessly teaches anyone to play the piano. It gives every player instant success and joy, because they will immediately be able to play their favorite songs!

“…an easier way to get your child from Chopsticks to Chopin.  It was nice to find a computer video game that actually teaches something significant.”

New York Daily News

2014 homeschool awardAutism Approved- Autism Hope Alliance

piano wizard case study

Piano Wizard Reviews


of kids learn to play a musical instrument


of adults wish they had

There are just so many reasons to learn to play with Piano Wizard

Entertain and impress your family and friends.

A gift to pass along for generations.

Play your favorite songs whenever you feel like.

A lifelong hobby or even the start of a musical career.

It's just fun, relieve stress.

People will think you're a genius :)

Achieve a greater enjoyment and appreciation of music.

Join a band. Keyboard players are highly sought after and earn top dollar.

Great exercise for your hands.

People will be jealous because they wish they could play.

Build better self-discipline, concentration, confidence, improve IQ & test scores.

Dramatic (as much as 30-40%) improvements in math, reading, comprehension skills.

Learning to play a musical instrument wires a child’s brain for all education.

Simply put, music training can have profound effects on a child, sometimes life-changing. Adults too can experience permanent changes in brain structure with continued training, decreasing memory loss and increasing cognition. Piano Wizard makes it easy and fun to achieve these important benefits while eliminating the frustration and failure of traditional methods.

Neuroplasticity – Building a Better Brain.

Music training has demonstrated unique effects on learning, perception, performance, and language, with increases in brain efficiency and fewer neuronal units needed to encode information. It increases other abilities, an affect called metaplasticity.” John Lieff M.D, Searching For The Mind. The problem is that choosing the wrong teacher or learning methods can wipe all these potential benefits out…FOREVER.


Studies show that normal attrition rates for piano lessons among the general population can approach 80 percent. In addition to the high drop out rates among beginning music students are the subtle scars to the soul that many who give up on music can carry with them as a result of the frustrating or even humiliating experiences related to music lessons as a child.

We do not fail the SYSTEM. The system FAILS US. But there is a solution.

Simple Is Genius!
Look how easy it is to learn how to play with Piano Wizard

piano wizard 4 steps

Carefully designed that someone with no musical experience can play it or even teach it!

Kids Of All Ages

Kids Of All Ages

From 3-93, get ready take a magical journey into the musical minds of the great composers and discover in full living color the hidden secrets behind true music literacy!


The music learning system where YOU can become the teacher – even with ZERO musical experience. It’s so easy and fun. In fact, you’ll be playing it when your kids go to sleep :)



Makes a great addition to your teaching program. Can attract new students, helps struggling ones, and reduces attrition rate, meaning more students for you. You can even incorporate your own curriculum into the game.
K12 Schools

K12 Schools

Whether during school after or in after-school programs, replicate the Academy experience in your own school.
Feature rich and always fun.
checkmark No Previous Music Experience RequiredVirtually ANYONE can play and learn
checkmarkGaming Style Learning EnvironmentMakes music learning fun
checkmark Builds Movement, Rhythm and Tempo EffortlesslyImportant skills of musicianship
checkmark Constant Check-Points and Attainable GoalsKeeps the player motivated
checkmark Learn Phrasing, Posture, Dynamics and TechniqueInstills the fundamentals of music making
checkmark Unlimited songs via any MIDI libraryKeeps interest and allows the player to grow
checkmark Human Interaction With YouOur videos are actually geared towards parents, teachers who become your mentor
checkmark Graduated Method Piano CurriculumFrom zero to Beethoven in record time
checkmark Takes the player / student to That Crucial Fifth StepGoing From Game-Like Mode to Reading Real Music!

You’ll save THOUSANDS of dollars over traditional piano lessons.

piano-lesson-costsAt about just $4 per lesson over 6 months, the entire family can enjoy this expandable music learning system for LIFE! Our mission is not to replace or knock the efforts of great piano teachers, but rather feed more students into the music process.

Why throw away all that money on lessons that may not work – or even worse turn off a student to music playing for life?

And why settle for other programs that put their own spin on the same old tired ineffective backwards approach to music learning?  While a small percentage of us that are musically gifted may benefit, the results are basically the same for the majority.

Shatter the restraints of traditional music learning while retaining the organic ability to handle even Bach like complexity. We’ll take you from ZERO to BEETHOVEN – BACH to BON JOVI in no time – GUARANTEED!

Whether you are considering beginner piano lessons for you or your children, looking to homeschool music, enhancing your experience with a piano teacher, or looking for solutions to k12 music and after-school programs, we’ve got you covered.

One Time Investment * No Recurring Fees * Expandable For Life.

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What is Music Theory?

Music theory is the study of the practices and possibilities of music. It generally derives from observation of how musicians and composers make music, but includes hypothetical speculation. Most commonly, the term describes the academic study and analysis of fundamental elements of music such as pitch, rhythm,harmony, and form, but also refers to descriptions, concepts, or beliefs related to music.

All great to know, but do we really need to struggle with these concepts BEFORE we can play music?  NO.  That’s why Piano Wizard teaches MUSIC FIRST. THEORY LATER making learning more natural, faster, and more fun.


Standard MIDI Files (“SMF” or *.mid files) are a popular source of music on the web, and for musicians performing in clubs who need a little extra accompaniment. The files contain all the MIDI instructions for notes, volumes, sounds, and even effects. The files are loaded into some form of ‘player’ (software or hardware), and the final sound is then produced by a sound-engine that is connected to or that forms part of the player.

In our case, the MIDI file is loaded into Piano Wizard, and produces the sounds as you play the game.